Should I Hire Someone to Install Gutters?

February 04, 2022

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Man Installing DIY Rain Gutters System
No matter the situation, rain gutters are always an asset. They are meant to boost a building's defenses against rain and moisture buildup which, in turn, preserves your home's foundations. A well-installed guttering system will redirect all the rain rolling from your roofs and prevent pools of water around your property. With that said, the decisions you make for your Gutter Installation process will determine their effectiveness, especially during the rainy season.

It's not unheard of for homeowners to install their gutters on their own, especially if they decide to have sectioned gutters. There's no shortage of resources to help people in their DIY endeavors, and many homeowners use their familiarity with the building as an advantage. This, however, isn't always enough to build a rain gutter that fully caters to your home's needs. Sometimes the cheapest material doesn't match your home's layout; other times, the largest gutter profile doesn't fully align to your roof's design. We could go on with other similar scenarios, so let's focus on the installation process itself.

Installing Your Own Gutters vs. Hiring a Gutter Installation Service

When you look closely at the residential gutter installation process, there are many details that go beyond a homeowner's knowledge and should be left to a seasoned professional. A gutter installation company will look at your house, take proper measurements, and come up with a decision after studying all the options available. They can list all the pros and cons of all the different gutter profiles and provide high-quality materials, so you don't risk getting subpar results.

Man Hands Checking WalletWe can acknowledge the reasons why some people may prefer installing their gutters without professional assistance. If you have an irregular schedule, it can be difficult to set one day aside for a professional service, so installing your gutters yourself can let you work through all the details in your own time. If you ignore the long-term repercussions, it's also much cheaper.

There is always a personal risk, even for seasoned contractors, so you should never work on your gutters without someone else's help, even if just to oversee the process.

Now, certified gutter installers are always the safer choice, and many homeowners can attest to this fact. These are the major reasons why it's better for your peace of mind to have your gutters installed by a professional:
  • The most obvious advantage comes with the level of expertise you get with a professional installer. Like any other home improvement project, you gain a lot by having the skillset and knowledge of a specialist throughout the installation process. They'll be able to save time and effort while bringing valuable input from their observations on your home and the local climate.

  • One miscalculation is all it takes to fully compromise the functionality of your gutters. One major trait that homeowners expect from their gutters is enough water-holding capacity to redirect all the water that falls around the home. If the gutter isn't properly aligned, or if its width isn't enough to sustain the water current during a storm, the gutter will simply overflow without actually managing to get enough water to the downspouts. Hiring a professional is the best way to avoid any of the miscalculations that may occur through different stages of the process.

  • It's no surprising that hiring someone to install your gutters will be more expensive than installing them by yourself. This, however, entails years' worth of savings on the repairs that a poor installation job could cause. You will have your gutters installed in the most durable materials to minimize the risks of fissures and unnatural bends. This means you won't have to cover additional repairs on your roof and other parts of your house, nor will you have to buy new materials if the installation goes wrong. Remember, 'cheaper' doesn't equal 'cost-effective.'

  • A reputable installation service will give you many other reassurances along the way. They will provide a timetable describing the duration of the job and all the materials used for your gutters. Additionally, there will be warranties protecting your investment, so you'll suffer no loses if your gutter malfunctions, becomes unstable, or if the material shows signs of corrosion within the time stipulated on the warranty.
House with Detached Rain Gutter

Choosing the Right Rain Gutter Company

When you hire someone to install your gutters, the goal is to have a result that's better than what you'd get from a DIY job. Being free of the hassle of buying materials and doing heavy lifting is just a welcome bonus.

For this, you need to know what to look for in a gutter installer. First you have to make sure the company of your choice has all the corresponding licenses and insurances in order. A certified company will show you their proof of insurance without question, so this is a quick way to confirm that you're working with a reliable business.

Then, you need to gauge the quality of their services, which can be difficult in cases where the company doesn't have much of a presence online. A sure way to do this is by looking at reviews from old customers on the company's website, social media, or directories like Yelp and Google Reviews.

A licensed rain guttering company will guarantee quality service to save you many repairs down the line. You can come to your contractor with questions and suggestions depending on what you want for your gutter's design. In most cases, a professional will probably be done with the job in a single visit without any incidents.

If you're in South Florida, you can find the most specialized installation services with Rain Gutters Solution. We know how to tailor your gutters to ensure esthetic value and optimal water-holding capacity at once, so you won't have to worry about materials, measurements or other factors that go into the process.

Our team is here to handle everything from start to finish, so you can count on us to make your gutters durable enough to withstand all kinds of environmental changes. Call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website, and schedule an appointment. Rain Gutters Solution helps you enhance the value of your property.

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