Why Is Rain Dripping Between Gutter and Fascia?

December 21, 2021

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Rain Gutter Dripping Between Gutter and Fascia
Rain gutters can save you from many headaches. A good rain guttering system helps you preserve your property and investment in multiple ways, just by carrying the water that falls during a storm so that it doesn't prompt deterioration on your foundations, walls, and many other parts of the house. Residential Gutter Installation can be tricky because the gutter must adhere to your roof's measurements. Even after seemingly following those measurements, it's common to find cases where water keeps running out from behind the gutter. There are ways to prevent this outcome, but first we need to understand why it happens.

How to Recognize a Leaking Problem?

If you stay on schedule with your maintenance routine, it will be easy to recognize a problem on time, and even the source of a leak. Beyond damage on the guttering system (cracks, marks, corrosion, etc), the location of any pool of water will be a hint. It's relatively easy to spot a seam problem since the leakage will be around the seam itself. Now, when the water doesn't drip from any particular portion of the gutter, like the endcaps or over the downspouts, identifying the source of the issue may be trickier.

Rain dripping between gutter and fascia, for instance. This is a relatively common consequence of a faulty installation, but the immediate cause is not always the same.

Loose Rain Gutter Dripping

Is Your Gutter Loose?

Your gutter may be misplaced, either due to a calculation error during the installation process or because it's grown unstable in time. Rain gutters must be located 2-3 inches from the edge. If it's too far below, then there's be an open gap for the water to seep through. In these cases, the gutter might sag and tilt away from your roof, butchering the water's path after it reaches the roof's edge.

Loose gutters are often the source of rain dripping between the gutter and the fascia. In some cases, you can restore the gutter's stability by reinforcing the bracket's hold but replacing the gutters in advance is the best way to avoid the dripping problem from getting worse in time. However, if the gutter is truly misaligned, there's no way to go but request a replacement from a professional installation company.

Now, there are other reasons why water can seep between gutter and fascia. To find them, you must look at your entire roof's area.

Check Your Drip Edge

The drip edge is a piece of flashing, usually made of aluminum or vinyl, that serves as a barrier covering the gap between the gutter and the roof shingles. It makes the water fall straight into the gutter without running off from behind.

Cloged Rain Gutter Dripping If there is water dripping between gutter and fascia, it may be because your drip edge is laying too flat. It's supposed to lean slightly downwards to naturally keep the water flowing from the roof to the gutter. If the drip edge needs replacing, you can work on the repairs without removing the gutters but, depending on its configuration, you will also have to replace the fascia board.

Keep an Eye Out for Leaks

Leaks and spills can lead to disastrous consequences if you don't deal with them on time. First, they will ruin your home's outer look, with the water rotting many parts of the house and peeling the paint off your walls. As you can probably imagine, this will leave a bad impression on guests and passersby alike. Eventually, leaks will deteriorate your sidings inside and out, and no one wants to find the visible effects of a leak inside the house. Excess dampness not only leads to foundation problems that would compromise he building's entire structure; it will also prompt the growth of mold and mildew, and this represents an important health risks for all the home's residents.

As mentioned above, it definitely helps to assess the direction the water is dripping from. When there are clogs slowing down the flow, the water will pour over the gutter. This particular issue could be solved after cleaning the gutter if you find the clog early enough to prevent structural damage.

In other cases, the problem is not on the gutter at all. If you see signs of deterioration on your roof shingles or water spots on multiple parts of the roof's surface, then you can probably guess where you should focus your efforts. In these scenarios, the water will drip from the fascia and straight down the soffit, and nothing will keep it from seeping into your walls.

Here are other general recommendations: Even if your gutters work properly, you need to check them out on the regular. Keep an eye on your fascia board during each inspection. If you see signs of rotting, you should look closer to find an underlying problem. And always remember that the expertise of a professional contractor is the best way to work through misaligned gutters without risking a new incident after you're done. Professional guttering services have warranties in place to avoid losses if the materials of the contractor's performance aren't up to par.

Install the best rain gutters to avoid a dripping problem, Rain Gutters Solution has all you need to ensure you get the most durable gutters and the best outcome for your home. We understand all the factors that go into the installation process and know how to deliver the expected results quickly and efficiently. You can call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website to schedule an appointment. Let Rain Gutters Solution become your home's biggest ally.

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