How To Install Downspouts on Rain Gutters

April 24, 2023

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A Person Installing a Metal Downspout on a Rain Gutter
Downspouts are essential to any gutter system, and you must install one to ensure your home or business is protected against water damage.

However, installing them is not always as straightforward as it might seem. This is why it is always a good idea to hire a professional gutter installer company to help you out. Still, if you really want to install them yourself, we will provide you with all the information you need to do it successfully.

Let's start with the basics.

What Are Downspouts and Why are they important?

A downspout is a vertical tube or pipe that connects to the outside of a building. It is usually linked at the corners to direct rainwater from the gutters down to the ground and away from the building's foundation.

An Already Installed Metal DownspoutIt is an essential part of a building's gutter system. Its primary purpose is to prevent the accumulation of rainwater around the foundations, walls, and inside the building.

If rainwater is not drained from a building, it can cause significant damage to foundations and masonry, which can lead to costly repairs. The accumulation of water can cause weakening, cracking, and even shifting of the foundation. All of which can compromise the structural integrity of the building. Also, water can seep into the basement and cause mold growth and other structural damage.

This is why it is so important to properly install gutters and downspouts to ensure rainwater drains away from the building's foundation and walls, keeping them safe and dry. Downspouts are available in a variety of materials and shapes. And depending on this, they might cost more or less.

How Much Do Downspouts Cost?

According to HomeGuide, buying a new vinyl or aluminum downspout will cost you between $1 and $4 per linear foot. Steel ones cost between $2 and $8. After that, you have seamless downspouts that cost between $3 and $12 per linear foot.

Zinc is also a very popular material for downspouts, costing between $7 and $16. Then, on the high-end side, you could also get copper downspouts that cost anywhere from $11 to $30.

Now on to the fun part; let's go over everything you need to install downspouts on rain gutters.

Downspout Installation 101

Rain Gutters Solutions puts its 30 years of experience at your fingertips. Here's everything you need to install downspouts. And, if you feel like it's all a bit too much at the end of this guide, we can get them up and running for you! Let's dive in.

Materials Needed for Installing Downspouts

Here's a comprehensive list of everything you need to start this project.
  • Downspouts: Well, obviously, you need these. Start by measuring the distance from the gutter's top to the ground, or where you want the downspout to end. Then purchase a downspout with the measurements you calculated.

  • Elbows: You need these to connect downspouts to gutters and change curves or direction.

  • Downspout Brackets: You will use these to attach downspouts to the outside of the building. They help support the weight of the downspouts and ensure they are firmly in place.

  • Screws: These will help you attach the downspout brackets to the building.

  • Splash Blocks or Downspout Extensions: These are not strictly necessary, but we highly recommend them as they will help direct water further away from your building's foundation. Backsplash blocks are placed in the ground at the end of the downspout. In contrast, downspout extensions attach to the end of the downspout and extend farther away from the building.

  • Sealant or Caulking: You will use this to seal gaps or joints between downspouts, gutters, and the outside of the building.

  • Tools: You'll need essential tools such as a drill, screws or nails, a measuring tape, a level, and a saw. You will need to use this last one to cut the downspouts and elbows to the correct length.

Do you have everything? Now, it's finally time to break out some sweat!

Steps for Installing Downspouts on Rain Gutters

  1. First, you must find the best downspout spot. Consider this step carefully and study the slope and layout of the terrain. Choosing the wrong location can cause water damage and erosion to your property.

  2. After choosing the best spot, you need to measure the required length of the downspout. Time to do a little math a compare it to your previous measurements. It always pays to double-check!

  3. Next, you must drill a hole in the gutter where the downspout will attach. This requires precision and a steady hand, as you don't want to damage your gutters in the process.

  4. After drilling the hole, you must attach the downspout elbow to it with screws or nails. Pay close attention here, and make sure the elbow is well supported.

  5. Then, you can attach the downspout to the elbow with more screws. Align them so that the downspout is straight and properly secured.

  6. Professional Installer Setting Downspout Brackets in the Appropriate Distance
  7. It's bracket time! Place them right, and they will effectively support the weight of the downspout. Usually, the space between brackets needs to be anywhere from 4 to 6 feet. Still, without inspecting your house or business, we won't be able to give you an exact number. However, we can tell you that you will need a level to ensure that the brackets are perfectly vertical. Otherwise, you could end up with improper water flow.

  8. Once the bracket is in place, you can use screws or nails to attach the downspout to the bracket. And then the bracket to the outside of your building.

  9. You almost made it! Now, all that's left is to attach a splash block or downspout extension to the bottom of the downspout.
All set! After all that work, we bet you want to keep that gutter system in shape. Here's how you do it.

Maintenance of Downspouts and Rain Gutters

Keeping your gutter system in good shape is very easy. Just check it regularly and remove any debris you find. Do this, especially after heavy rain or storms.

Clogs are your worst enemy. They can cause gutters and downspouts to sag and not function correctly. Also, if you find any cracks or holes during your regular check-up, repair them as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Follow these tips, and you'll get an effective gutter system that will last a long time.

Need Help? Rain Gutters Solution Is Just One Phone Call Away!

While installing downspouts can be a DIY project, it's not recommended for everyone. You need to have the necessary tools and experience. If you don't, then it's best to hire a professional.

Professional gutter installers have everything they need to install gutters and downspouts flawlessly and in record time. Plus, they can also help you select the proper downspouts for your home or business.

When hiring a professional, choose a reputable company with a track record of quality work. Rain Gutters Solutions is a professional gutter installation company specializing in installing and maintaining gutter systems and accessories. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and have installed gutter systems for thousands of home and business owners.

We can help you select your home's proper gutters and downspouts and ensure they're installed correctly. And we have cleaning and repair services as well!

Contact us at (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form to learn more about our services and get a free estimate today!

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