Should Gutters Be Lighter or Darker?

December 08, 2022

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Should Gutters Be Lighter or Darker?
Rain gutters are popular because they keep their functionality while offering an array of esthetic options. If you reach out to a Rain Gutter Installation Service, you're likely to find many alternatives to make your gutters look good in their particular environment. it's amazing how much you can do to customize your rain gutters, from the most stylish designs to dozens of colors to choose from depending on the material. While this is a welcome advantage, it also brings additional details to consider before making a decision.

Choose the Right Color for Your Gutters

Rain gutters are available in multiple colors, especially when it comes to materials like aluminum and steel. Choosing the right color for your new gutters can be tricky because rain gutters are meant to last for decades. This means that if you want to change your property's fašade and landscaping at some point, you may need to have the gutters recolored as well.

Should Rain Gutters Be Lighter or Darker?Light colors are very welcoming, so there's no shortage of options if you want your gutters to have a lighter tone. Keep in mind that rusting/corrosion becomes more visible when the gutter has a lighter color (this can also be a good thing since you can see a rust spot when it's small enough to fix with a basic repair job.)

All in all, rusting depends widely on the local climate, and rain gutters can still be stained in many other ways. Regular maintenance and a yearly cleaning service will help preserve the gutter's brand-new look.

Dark roofs and white gutters are a common combination in many residential areas, and they could provide satisfying results as long as you don't slack off on regular maintenance. Other common colors are dark bronze, dark gray, slate gray, mountain blue, almond, red, and Sherwood green.

Here are some tips to help you choose your gutter's color:
  • Dark colors demand less maintenance. Most common stains are much more visible when they have a light color as their backdrop. A dark gutter will look good even when they start accumulating superficial marks from debris, sediment, mud, etc, as long as they are small enough to be overlooked. With that said, regular cleaning is still essential to keep worse problems at bay, like clogs or cracks in the gutter's structure.

  • While many homeowners make their gutters match their roof's color, it's not the only way to make your gutters look good. Now, if you want your gutters to go unnoticed and fully blend in with the fascia, having the same color as the roof is probably a practical approach.

  • Should Rain Gutters Be Lighter or Darker
  • Sometimes the fascia doesn't have the same color as the roof. In these cases, making the gutter match the fascia's color is the best way to get a good-looking result. Another option is to use the siding's color instead.

  • You can still have your gutters installed in a brand-new color. This could add a fresh touch and rekindle your home's visual appeal. Still, we don't recommend straying too far from the colors in your fašade or the result might have the opposite effect, ruining your home's entire look. A complementary shade that flatters your roof and/or sidings could provide the ideal solution.

  • Some locations seem to have a recurring array of colors that's become the standard for most gutters. This could be because of people's knowledge of the local climate, but some communities enforce regulations that could pose a problem. Remember to exercise due diligence to avoid an inconvenience after you've started the installation process.

Additional Pre-Installation Details

Custom gutters are built with high-end materials to ensure maximum durability. These materials are pre-painted and sealant-protected to reduce the effects of water, UV rays, and other external elements on the gutter's surface.

Still, when it comes to metal and plastic gutters, there's always the chance of color fading over time. It's not rare for rain gutters to go unblemished for decades, but it all comes down to the local weather, the quality of the material, and the owner's maintenance.

If you need to change your gutter's color, aluminum, vinyl, and steel gutters can get a new paint job, but they need to be washed and stripped beforehand.

From all the material options available, copper gutters are the only ones that can't be repainted. Water and oxygen trigger an oxidation process that tarnishes the gutter in different stages. The material's final look has a unique shade of mist green that looks amazing in historical architecture, warehouses, etc. Obviously, this can be inconvenient in some buildings, so don't invest in a copper gutter unless you are certain about your preferences.

And if you're still on the fence about the color of your new gutters, you can always ask the specialists at Rain Gutters Solution.

At Rain Gutters Solution, you'll find the widest variety of options to satisfy all your preferences. This is one of the reasons we're the ideal choice for rain gutter installation in both residential and commercial settings. Call (305) 270-7779 or fill out our website's contact form to schedule an appointment and see for yourself. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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