How to Identify When Rain Gutters Need to Be Upgraded

August 06, 2018

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Rain Gutter System Needing to be Upgraded
Do you want to know why rain gutters play such an important role in your home? They protect your property from water damage, as they divert rainwater away from the house. For this, it is imperative to have a properly functioning rain gutter system, and it may seem easy to do, but the truth is that it requires time and dedication from homeowners to keep them in a good shape and perfectly working.

However, it is understandable that homeowners' daily duties sometimes interfere in the regular maintenance of your rain gutters system. Fortunately, you have the option of hiring a professional company that provides you a rain gutter repair service, however, you need to pay attention to the visible signs that your gutters show when they need to be upgraded.

The following is the top seven of signs that will help you identify if your rain gutters need a renovation, take a look:

#1 Stagnant Water

If you observe stagnant water near the downspout's outlet, it means that something is going wrong in your drainage system. This pooled water can easily reach your house' foundations causing serious structural issues to your property. Downspouts are important elements of your rain gutter system since they carry rainwater coming down from the gutters to a specific spot on the ground, away from your property; but when they are damaged, they start delivering the water in the wrong place, producing flooding in your garden. This kind of signs requires immediate attention to avoid situations like the structural instability of your house' foundations and thus, the risk that it represents for your family.

#2 Rotting Fascia

Downspout Needs a Rain Gutter System UpgradeThe fascia creates a Surface along the edge of the roof, making a barrier against rainwater precipitation, and protecting the house from severe weather conditions. It also covers gaps between the roof and the walls keeping rodents out of your property. When your rain gutters overflow, fascia is affected by this constant excess of water and hence, it will rot in no time, especially if you have a wooden fascia. So, if you have seen this sign in your house, it's time to renew your rain gutters and this way you don't have to go throughout a time-consuming and costly process as it is replacing your roof fascia.

#3 Messy Facade

Walls stained by the mud splashed against your home's siding create a sloppy appearance of your property, this can be a bad sign of the inappropriate functioning of your rain gutter system. When this occurs, the most common reason is the overflow of your gutters caused by a clog and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Remember that having an attractive home's curb appeal add value to your property and for this, it is vital that you keep your rain gutter system properly working, so you won't have to deal with leaking gutters that make your house' landscape looks dirty or neglected.

#4 Sagging Gutters

When the rainy season starts, your gutters become very heavy because of the rainwater's weight, and when this happens, gutters made of materials like vinyl, aluminum or galvanized steel may sag, bend or their hangers can loosen. If this occurs, your gutters stop working properly and rainwater pools alongside their lengths. This stagnant water will worsen the problem, adding more weight and hence, will cause more sagging. So, don't ignore this sign and look for professionals as soon as possible to find the best solution, either repair your gutters or replace them.

Rain Gutter Sagged Need a Rain Gutter Upgrade

#5 Overflowing Gutters

Having overflowing rain gutters is a serious problem that can cause important damages to your property. There are three possible reasons for this, either your gutters are not long enough to manage the volume of rainwater, your gutters and/or downspout are clogged, or your gutters are sagging, and this doesn't allow water to reach the downspout. To identify the cause of the overflowing, it is advisable that professionals in the field make an assessment, so they can give you a diagnose and then, proceed with an action plan.

#6 Pests

When your rain gutters present pooled water, they become a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests, making difficult to enjoy your outdoors. There are other animals that make your gutters a home like birds, mice, possums, and even snakes! Make sure that your gutters don't have any pests clogging them, so water can flow freely away from your home.

#7 Cracks and Holes

If you notice small cracks and holes along your rain gutters, don't ignore them! If not attended, they will enlarge over time and as consequence you will have a leaky drainage system, letting water to flow down your siding, front door, or driveway which represents a risk for you and your family since these areas will be continuously slippery. If you are dealing with this issue, your gutters may need an extensive repair or replacement of damaged sections.

Leaky Gutters That Needs a Ran Gutter Upgrade Service
It is essential to upgrade your rain gutters to prevent future damages. As soon as you start noticing any of these signs, you should look for a reliable rain gutter company instead of trying to fix the problem by your own, no matter how simple it seems, since most of the time this worsen it and you end up spending more money in costly repairs.

Rain Gutters Solution guarantees the best results without wasting your time or money. Repair may look very simple and easy to perform; however, it is advisable to let them be done by well-trained technicians from a professional rain gutter company that has suitable equipment to offer you the best rain gutter repair service in Miami-Dade. Remember, your home's safety is not something to be taken lightly. If you have questions or inquiries, contact us by calling at (305) 270-7779 or by filling out our contact form below to schedule your appointment with us. We'll be glad to assist you!

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