Quick Solutions for Everyday Rain Gutter Problems

March 19, 2018

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Leaky Gutters that Needs a Rain Gutter Repair Service
Rain gutters were made essentially to protect the structural integrity of your home, since its most important function is to keep rainwater away from your foundations and walls, to avoid costly water damages in your property, such as flooding, stained walls, windows or doors, among others. Once you install rain gutters, it is extremely necessary to have a regular maintenance to keep them working properly and in good shape, free of holes, clogs, and sags; but sometimes we get immersed in the rush of the daily routine and we just forget about them. If this has happened to you, you will probably have to face issues like clogged or leaky rain gutters and downspouts, flooding in your front yard, damage to your roof and exterior walls, foundation issues, and mold. The best decision that you can make in any of these situations, is to hire a company that offers rain gutter repair service to guarantee the best solution.

Fortunately, all the problems that you may have with your rain gutters can be fixed by a professional rain gutter repair company, that provides quality maintenance services instead of trying to fix the problem by yourself, which represents a risk for you and for your home. Having your rain gutters or downspout fixed on your own is something that you may regret afterward, since the problem can get even worst, or you can suffer serious accidents, therefore it is worth it to hire specialists in the field to do it for you. Here are some every day rain gutter problems that we see most often and the quick solution we recommend.

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Low Quality Rain Gutters
If your rain gutters are not working properly you must consider if the quality of their material was appropriate when they were installed. One of the most common problems we find when doing a repair service is that the gutters' material used by other companies was not the best option, causing their eventual deterioration and future water damages. Fortunately, our group of experts only use materials of the highest quality. There are many different materials to choose for your rain gutters, including, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel or vinyl. Always keep in mind that the material that you choose for your rain gutters can affect the lifespan of your drainage system. Finally, do not risk your home to save some money, because having water damages on your property can make you expend more money than you could imagine.

Leaky Rain Gutters Needing a Rain Gutter Repair ServiceHoles and Leaks
Does your home have leaky rain gutter joints? If the answer is yes, you need to have them fixed right away. Corrosion can spread all over through the galvanized steel or aluminum gutters when homeowners overlook their drainage system for several years, small amounts of stagnant water can cause enough corrosion to make a hole in your gutters. In this case, the smartest thing you can do is to find specialists in the field and leave them to solve the problem. Leaky rain gutters represent a headache for homeowners since they are a synonym of roof and wall damages, among other problems you may have. Luckily, this isn't something our rain gutter repair specialists can't solve, to make your drainage system look as good as -or better than- new, and what is most important, to have them work perfectly.

Clogged Rain Gutters
When left unattended, rain gutters and downspouts get clogged with debris and they become useless. The excess weight of water, leaves and twigs can also make them sag, so it is highly important to have your rain gutters cleaned regularly by experts, to prevent water from permeating your walls and causing mold and some other related problems. It is very common for our technicians to find this kind of issues in residential properties, and in some cases, the damage is so significant that it is necessary to replace a large section of the rain gutter or downspout.

A Clogged Gutter Which Needs a Rain Gutter Repair ServiceDownspouts Draining Way Too Close to the Foundation
If you don't want your downspouts to pour right into your foundation or attic, they must extend several feet away from the property. Rain gutters extensions connected to the bottom of the downspout will discharge water beyond the bounds of the home's foundation. Downspouts are inexpensive and easy to install. As a professional rain gutter company, our recommendation is that the downspout material should be screwed on and extended four or five feet away from the house for the best results.

Are your improperly-pitched rain gutters sagging or leaking? It is imperative to act immediately to prevent future water damage and expensive renovations. We provide unparalleled rain gutter repair and cleaning services to make your drainage system last longer. With over twenty years of experience installing, cleaning and repairing standard or custom rain gutters in Miami-Dade County. Do not hesitate to contact us by calling at (305) 270-7779 or filling out our contact. Subscribe to our newsletterto find out more about our latest promotions. Find us on Facebook at Rain Gutters Solution, follow us on Twitter @RainGuttersSolution and Instagram @GuttersSolution to learn more about our services.

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