How Do Rain Barrels Work?

February 06, 2019

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How Do Rain Barrels Work Garden with Water Collection System
Rain barrels have been used as a system to collect rainwater for thousands of years, it is said that even the cavemen saved rainwater in tanks made from animal skin and then with the invention of the barrel man began to collect rainwater in it. There's evidence that rainwater collection practice was also used by Romans since 2.000 B.C. for domestic usage, Israelites, Egyptians and Africans for both domestic and agricultural purposes.

In the natural cycle, rainwater falls to the ground and it filters through the soil, gets into the underground and then slowly reaches a stream or a river. However, in a city this cycle changes because of the paved street and driveways that stop the natural flow of rainwater and instead, it runs off into the sewage systems overwhelming them and increasing the risk of flooding.

Let's find out how rain barrels can help reduce these problems:

Why Use Rain Barrels?

Nowadays, these gutter accessories have become very common in residential properties over the last years, thanks to the conservationist boom and the rise of water bills in the United States. Likewise, rainwater harvesting has a lot of benefits for your plants and garden during summer as it is a source of pure rainwater with a lot of favorable features and without chemical additives.

The main function of rain barrels is to take advantage of a free source of pure water that we have available in nature along with the rain gutter system. These useful gutter accessories minimize the impacts of stormwater runoff in your drainage while helping you reduce your water needs which will be reflected in your water bill.

How Do Rain Barrels Work Rain Water Collection Multiple BarrelsIf you decide to harvest rainwater with the help of a rain barrel it's important that you decide what are you planning to use the water for, whether watering your garden, washing your car or doing your laundry; this way you can determine how many barrels you'll need.

How Do Rain Barrels Work?

A rain barrel is a container designed to catch the water that flows from the downspout of a rain gutter system and store it for different purposes such as household, gardening, car washing, among others. You can find them in the market in sizes from 30 to 100 gallons, made of plastic, clay or wood and either linked to complex pumps systems or just the simple drum to collect the roof runoff. They also come in decorative designs, perfect to match with your house' façade.

To install a rain barrel place it underneath the downspout, which should be shortened, preferable on a platform to elevate it so you can use the spigot without a problem. You can attach your barrel to the rain gutter system by using a diverter kit or just adapting a flexible downspout tubing right above the barrel. The most common type of barrel has an open top with a fine mesh that filters the rainwater to avoid any kind of debris enter it.

When it comes to rain barrels maintenance there are a few habits that you should include in your rain gutters cleaning. Keep the lid always firmly closed since the exposure to sunlight will promote algae growth. Make sure of removing debris from the filter every time it rains and then secure it back to the barrel. Rain barrels need to be washed out by the end of each season, avoiding storing the water for long periods of time so that stagnation and mosquito proliferation won't occur.

Using Rainwater

Rainwater is an ideal source of water that can be used either for indoors and outdoors activities in your home such as:
    How Do Rain Barrels Work Gardening with Rain Water Collected
  • Garden watering
    This is a great option to apply during dry periods, just place a large barrel under your downspout and you will collect a considerable amount of water ready to nourish your plants and soil. Since rainwater is free from salts and chemical additives –generally found in municipal water– and it has the exact pH level, it is perfect to make your plants grow healthy and beautiful.

  • Car washing
    Use stored water from your rain barrels to wash your car so that you contribute with the environment preservation, instead of wasting gallons of water with your hose. Besides, rainwater gives a cleaner finish to your car, free from spots.

  • Laundry
    Washing machines usually use a lot of water per load so we recommend saving some of it by using collected rainwater to wash your clothes and the planet will be thankful.

  • Toilet flushing
    On average, a person uses 30 liters of water every day since toilets use 12 liters of water or more per flush, that's a lot of water! So, in order to become eco-friendly and take advantage of rainwater, It's a good idea to connect your toilet to the rain barrel with a diverter so you can use tap water when the water from the barrel is over.

Benefits of Using Rain Barrels

  1. For your garden
    Rainwater is just perfect for your garden! It has high levels of oxygen and is free from salts and fluoride compounds that accumulate in the soil and damage the roots of your plants over time.

  2. For your budget
    You'll be able to save some money because you will use your own reserve of water without restrictions or worrying about water bills. The more rain barrels you install the greater savings will be

  3. For the environment
    Minimize the runoff pollution that considerably impacts rivers and lakes since it picks up all the contaminants from fertilizers, pesticides, oil, and soil that affect fish and their habitats.
Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of rain barrels? Don't overthink it and get your rain barrels installed as soon as possible! At Rain Gutters Solution we offer you a staff of high-skilled technicians with a wide experience ready to meet all your rain gutters needs. We rely on top-notch technology to install the rain barrels you need in your property. If you have concerns about this information do not hesitate and contact us by calling at (305) 270-7779 or filling out our contact form below. We'll gladly assist you!

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