What Type of Gutters Are Cheapest?

April 15, 2022

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Cheapest Rain Gutter System
If you want to stop the water from rotting your foundations and peeling off your home's painting each time it rains, rain gutters are a solution that's both affordable and effective. For decades, rain gutters have been part of many buildings' layout, and Seamless Rain Gutters in particular offer all the versatility you could ask for in an unpredictable climate.

Rain gutters are indeed affordable but the price range changes depending on the materials you choose. Seamless gutters are also more expensive than sectioned gutters but there's a reason for that, and most people are happy to invest in them once they see all their advantages.

How Much Does a Rain Gutter Cost?

The price range of a guttering system is usually determined through the number of linear feet that the gutter is going to have. Depending on materials and design, some people manage to have their gutters installed for less than $1,000, but proper rain guttering systems made with high-end materials have a price that ranges between $3,000 and $5,000.

Let's look at some of the factors that will alter this price range, starting with the most common options when it comes to materials.

Vinyl Gutters:

Vinyl is the least expensive material for rain gutters, usually costing around $2 per linear foot. Vinyl gutters are an appealing option if you want to save on financial expenses. Also, the lack of metal ensures that vinyl gutters won't rust after constant exposure to the elements. Despite their low costs, vinyl gutters are made to last, but you may want to go for a sturdier material if you get a lot of wind and rain in your area.

Cheapest Rain Gutter System on a HouseAmong their advantages, vinyl gutters are lightweight, reducing risks during the installation process. The downside is that this could make it easier for a vinyl gutter to sag after getting too much weight. Even though they don't rust, vinyl gutters may also get warped after withstanding extreme temperature changes, so it's very likely that you have to consider future repairs in your installation budget.

Aluminum Gutters:

Aluminum is the most common material for both seamless and sectioned gutters. Aluminum provides many customization options (it's lightweight, resistant to rust, available in various colors, and can be painted.) In most cases, contractors charge around $5 to $9 per linear foot, but installation costs might go up to $15 per linear foot if you're building a seamless gutter.

The costs for aluminum gutters are within most people's budget, and the material provides great results in complex structures where custom gutters are the only viable solution.

Copper Gutters:

With an average cost of $20 per linear foot, copper gutters are the most expensive option around. For many people, the beauty of copper gutters has no match. Their durability and resistance to rusting are also points in their favor. Copper gutters are expensive not only because of the material itself, but also because they need to be installed by a professional; DIY is discouraged when it comes to copper gutters since the material is heavy and hard to manipulate.

Cheapest Rain Gutters on a House

Steel Gutters:

Steel gutters are another popular choice, usually sitting in the middle when it comes to price ranges. Installing a steel gutter might cost around 10$ per linear foot, though it could be lower depending on the type of steel you choose for the gutter.

Steel gutters are more susceptible to rusting when compared to other materials, so you need to make sure they're suitable for your local climate.

Sectioned or Seamless?

If you've looked into the topic for a future gutter installation project, you probably know that gutters can be sectioned or seamless. The former is a relatively simple choice for DIY installation as long as you don't go for a material that's too heavy. The latter requires the hand of a professional contractor and the right equipment to manufacture the gutters, but the end result pays off in effectiveness and visual appearance.

Vinyl gutters are the most affordable option available, but they don't work for a seamless guttering system. In a similar way, sectioned gutters may be easier on your budget since you could avoid the installation costs altogether. When it comes to long-term investment, however, seamless gutters take the prize, and it shows when more than half of the installations nowadays follow the seamless type.

Seamless gutters are more durable and hold larger amounts of water without sagging. They only have seams on the corners and downspouts, so there are fewer instances of clogging. Basically, they make maintenance more effective and last longer, making up for the initial installation costs.

There's always a chance that you'll have to pay for repairs along the line, but this is much less likely when you have a seamless gutter built by a professional installation company. While all options demand money, seamless gutters are the surest way to make the results worth the price.

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