What Size Are Commercial-Grade Gutters?

June 27, 2022

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Comercial Grade Rain Gutters in a Warehouse
Rain gutters are an asset to any property, whether we're talking about a modern house or a large commercial facility. Commercial Rain Gutters are specially designed to work on larger structures like restaurants, grocery stores, and office buildings, to name a few. While they keep all the advantages you'd expect from a residential guttering system, commercial gutters need to have a different, wider structure to redirect larger amounts of rainwater.

What Are the Difference Between Commercial Gutters and Residential Gutters?

Professional gutters offer the same range of advantages in both commercial and residential applications. Seamless gutters follow the same installation process in both cases, with a metal-bending machine building the gutters to match a specific set of measurements. Moreover, both profiles guarantee high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability.

Commercial Rain Gutter in a WarehouseWith that said, there are some key differences in setting these types of gutters apart, which is why you shouldn't try your hand at installing commercial gutters even if you have experience assembling the guttering system in your house.

Commercial-grade gutters are bigger; that's the most notable distinction. They need to catch the rainwater around large establishments, many of which have the same flat roofs that are favored when designing apartment buildings. Local laws are also stricter for office buildings and public settings, so the gutters need to provide the required water-holding capacities without ever interfering with the urban structure that surrounds it.

When it comes to residential structures, homeowners usually choose between k-style gutters and half-round gutters depending on what matches their roof. By contrast, most commercial establishments install box gutters since they allow all the sturdiness the owner could as for. This profile provides many of the advantages of a k-style guttering system while being equipped to keep up with a larger water runoff.

Commercial-grade gutters are also available in many materials, but most owners go for galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper gutters. Aluminum gutters, for instance, ensure almost as much durability as steel gutters without being quite as heavy or expensive. Copper gutters are often the most expensive option, but they are also the sturdiest, and this is the top priority when preventing property damage during intense storms. In addition, the patina that copper gutters develop down the line is a huge plus to the building's visual appeal.

While vinyl is technically available for the installation of commercial gutters, contractors don't recommend it for large guttering systems since it can bend easily from impact or strong winds.

Now, let's take a closer look at one of the key differences between residential gutters and commercial-grade gutters: the gutter's size.

The Right Size for Commercial-Grade Gutters

By far, 6-inch gutters are the most popular option among commercial establishments and business owners. This size combined with a box gutter profile increases the gutter's water-holding capacity by around 40%.

A 6-inch gutter is usually matched with 3x4-inch downspouts to ensure that all the water is drained properly. However, there are ways around this rule, with owners adapting the downspouts or installing even larger gutters when the downspout obstructs the areas designated for pedestrians/strollers. If you don't make certain adjustments to your custom gutters, you run the risk of having water cascading on people's heads during intense storms.

Comercial Rain Gutter on a Warehouse RoofIn general terms, 5-inch gutters are meant for households while commercial buildings go for a 6-inch profile. Still, a steep roof may call for a 6-inch residential gutter to deal with the rain without putting a strain on the guttering system. Large apartment buildings can also benefit from a 6-inch gutter.

There are also 7-inch and 8-inch gutters available, mostly used in hotels, warehouses, medical centers, and other larger facilities.

In the end, the choice will boil down to the specific size of your building, the roof's pitch, and the materials that make up your roof and fascia. Flat roofs are much more common in commercial establishments, so this is something that contractors take into account when it's time to build custom gutters.

Why Install Commercial-Grade Gutters?

Owning a commercial establishment entails several responsibilities. The state of your property will directly influence the way people see your products/services. A commercial-grade gutter is a great way to protect any investment you make on your property through the years.

Its most notable advantage is the enhanced capacity to hold larger amounts of water without becoming loose from the weight or slowing down the water flow. Commercial gutters are made to keep up with larger structures while still retaining their versatility and, despite their larger size, they don't look out of place when you have a professional making sure that the end result suits the property's size and style.

Moreover, when you don't have water pooling around your establishment, clients/visitors will be more inclined to check what's inside. It will also reduce the chances of accidents that could otherwise hurt the people walking around your property.

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