What Kind of Gutters Are Best in Florida?

September 29, 2021

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Gutter System on a Florida House
Rain gutters are useful in nearly all types of weathers, but this doesn't mean that you can overlook your local climate when choosing the right rain gutter profile. Residential gutter installation companies will offer an array of materials and designs, and their suggestions will be supported by years of experience working in the same local environment. Rain gutters are an asset all over Florida, which is expected given the state's unpredictable weather.

Should I Get Rain Gutters in Florida?

Florida has a semi-tropical climate that shows itself through stages of intense humidity and heat, along with a rainy season that's long and unyielding once the first signs of rain start appearing on the horizon. Sunshine is a constant throughout the year, and in some areas it's prevalent enough that some people can go without a rain guttering system. In most parts of the state, however, the period between June and November is known for bringing multiple tropical storms and the beginning of the hurricane season.

Barring a natural disaster, a rain guttering system can hold its own through uninterrupted instances of storms, all while helping you protect your home's foundations from the continued effects of moisture. Knowing that your gutter must adapt to your home's layout to do its job properly, what kind of gutters are best in Florida?

House in Florida with Rain Gutters

What to Choose for My Gutters?

There are various types of gutters that are suitable to Florida's climate, and there are more than a couple of requirements when it comes to making a gutter perfect for your home. Rain Gutters Solution applies the most advanced equipment to ensure that your gutters are durable and resistant to all kinds of weather changes. Your perfect gutter must have a specific size and style, and we need to address these factors separately while keeping in mind that, under the right circumstances, all the options below are viable solutions for Florida clients:

Materials: Rain gutters can be built in different materials, so it's good to have the insight of a professional contractor to gauge what works best for your home. Aluminum gutters are one of the best choices, especially if you're going for a seamless guttering system. Vinyl gutters are the most affordable choice, but also more likely to get fissures under harsh weather conditions. If they're sectioned, vinyl gutters could also start leaking on the joints. You can also go for a copper gutter if you want enough durability to support a large property, but keep in mind that the installation process will require a bigger investment.

Size: You must make sure that your roof's area supports it, but a 6-inch gutter is usually the best for most houses. They are wide enough to handle larger amounts of water, especially if your roof is steep to the point it makes rainwater fall faster. A combination of 6-inch gutters and 3''x4'' downspouts is the way to go when it comes to residential installation jobs, since the roof area usually doesn't surpass the 7,900 square feet. While most gutter profiles are available in larger sizes, a larger gutter is effective only in equally larger buildings, like commercial establishments, factories, and churches.

Gutter profiles: There are three main styles to choose from. K-style gutters are the most requested gutter profile because of their unique design and their increased water holding capabilities. Half-round gutters can also carry large amounts of water and their shape reduces the chances of debris getting stuck inside, which in turn, allows easy maintenance. Box gutters are usually embedded into the roof, providing a clean look despite their large, stocky appearance. They are favored in large constructions and historical buildings.

House in Florida with Rain Gutter SystemYour gutter's design might also accent other parts of your house, and a custom gutter is the best to ensure the end result doesn't clash with all the other elements that will serve as its backdrop.

Sectioned or Seamless?

Many of your choices regarding materials and size will be tied to the type of gutter that works for your home. Because they're divided into pieces and assembled during the installation, sectioned gutters demand less trouble if it comes to making repairs. The installation itself is also much simpler, to the point that many people choose to build their sectional gutters without professional assistance. However, this is also the reason why sectioned gutters usually get more damage than seamless gutters: their joints are their weak spot. Unstable seams make way for a host of problems, from leaks to major structural malfunctions that compromise the entire guttering system.

Seamless gutters work as a single unit, with no joints dividing the guttering system. They are built to align with the shape of your roof in a process that's usually conducted on-site with special extruding equipment. Aluminum is the go-to material when it comes to seamless gutters, since it's flexible enough to allow a wider range of customization options. All in all, seamless gutters are reliable because they are better equipped to work without eventually getting leaks. Spillage and rain showers are also less likely because there are no seams where debris or branches could get stuck.

You'll see that 6-inch aluminum gutters are the most common approach, especially because of all the leeway aluminum offers for custom-made gutters. Nevertheless, your home might actually benefit from a less common alternative. Some buildings' dimensions allow smaller gutters, like 4 or 5-inches, but if rainstorms are a regular occurrence, 6-inch gutters are the way to go. Your contractor will help you find an option that checks all the marks for functionality and esthetics.

Are you looking for the best rain guttering service in Florida? Rain Gutters Solution has everything you need for the installation of your gutters, along with specialized maintenance and repair services. We have seasoned specialists and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure a safe, efficient process. You call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website, to schedule an appointment with our team. If you want to have the best gutters for your home or business, Rain Gutters Solution will meet all your expectations.

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