Should Your Gutters Match Your Trim?

July 21, 2021

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Two-Story House With Black Rain Gutters
Residential gutters are a common practice for most homeowners. They remove many of the concerns that the rainy season brings into your doorstep every year, benefiting your entire home in the long run. As such, residential gutter installation is usually preceded by a detailed measuring process in which the contractor evaluates the best approach to make the gutters complement the house they're built into. Today we will talk about one of the most basic questions regarding residential gutter design: Should your gutters match your trim? To answer this properly, we must look at the options gutters provide in terms of esthetic.

What Does a Trim Do for Your Home?

Along with the fascia, a trim is one of the most visible parts of a house's fašade. Traditionally, a trim refers to the edges around the window frames, doorframes, and roofs, specifically under the soffit and fascia board. Not all houses have trims in the areas mentioned above while others might expand the trims beyond their regular placement. These distinctions can result from a number of factors, like how old the construction is or the renovations that homeowners have introduced throughout the years.

Brown Rain GuttersTrims are meant to guard the house against moisture, drizzle, wind, and debris, usually acting as a protective barrier that regulates the amount of water and residue that slips through. In this sense, trims and rain gutters work hand in hand, so a matching look makes sense from both a visual and practical standpoint.

Styles & Materials

If you're planning on making your gutters match your house trims, you must address your trim's traits in advance. Their styling depends on the homeowner's taste, but it's very common to paint trims in a shade that contrasts with the sidings/cladding. Trims are generally made of:
  • Wood.
  • Polymer.
  • Fiber Cement.
  • PVC.
  • Fiberboard.
While wood is by far the oldest and most common material for trims, synthetic materials have become a popular option because of how unexpensive they are by comparison. If a homeowner wants to reinvent their property, trims can be painted alongside the sidings to match the home's new palette. These are all important details to consider if you already have a design in mind for your gutters.

How Can Gutters and Trims Match?

Even when they're meant to blend in with the rest of the structure, the trims can easily draw the eye before you finish taking in the rest of the house's appearance. This is the main reason why many homeowners request rain gutters that match their home's trims. Your gutters don't need to match your trims' look to work properly, but a similar shade adds many points in the esthetics department. After all, your gutters will also play a part in making a positive first impression.

Copper Rain GuttersBoth gutters and trims are placed in front the house's sidings, so the choices you make will either draw more attention to them or take the focus to a different part of your home. Your gutter's color and design could complement your trims to stand out against the backdrop of your roofs and walls. Another option is to make the gutter blend in with the sidings for a more understated effect. In the end, the choice is yours, but you should be clear on what you want before hiring an installation company.

As we mentioned above, trims can be repainted along with the rest of the house, but the most likely scenario is to paint your gutters to make them resemble your trim. Paintjobs are a viable solution for almost all types of rain gutter materials. Moreover, installation companies usually offer 20+ color options to choose from as a starting point. Let's list some basic tips to help you choose your gutter's style:
  • It's best to make your gutter's color match your trims. If your sidings are made of brick or stone there's no way to replicate the color of these materials on your gutters, so this is not a good approach if you want your gutters to go unnoticed.

  • When a house has no trims in place, the gutters are usually painted to match the color of the roof.

  • Unlike the other materials available, copper gutters cannot be painted; a paintjob would only deteriorate their surface needlessly without actually surpassing the esthetic value of their natural look. While copper gutters offer an elegant finish that's flattering in many modern buildings, you should keep this in mind if you want your gutters and your trim to match.

  • If you have a wide trim around your roof, it could make it harder for the gutter to fit seamlessly below the fascia. Your contractor can help you pick a gutter style that works in such cases, probably customizing your gutters to make sure they stay properly attached after being installed.

Rain Gutters Solution Is Here to Help

We are a licensed rain gutter company with more than two decades of experience serving the South Florida area. We provide install the best rain guttering systems for homeowners and businesses, including all the necessary features to ensure an esthetically pleasant result. If you want to create the perfect visual balance between your gutters and your trims, you can count on us and see the results for yourself.

You can count on Rain Gutters Solution to help you get the most sophisticated rain guttering system in the market. Whatever request you may have for your gutters, our specialists are more than ready to deliver it, so you can come to us with any question you want to ask. Just call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website and schedule an appointment, and we'll bring the best residential installation services.

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