Should I Get 5-Inch or 6-Inch Gutters?

February 05, 2021

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6 inch Rain Gutter System Close Up
There are many decisions that must go into setting up a rain guttering system. Size, materials, style are all factors that you must consider in advance. Custom rain gutters bring many advantages for big homes and large buildings because they are perfectly adapted to a specific layout and take many environmental factors into account. When it comes to choosing the best width for your gutters, options range between 5, 6, and 7-inch gutters with 6-inch gutters being the most common solution for different residential areas.

Rain Gutter Sizes What Are my Options?

As mentioned above, the main options range from 5, 6, and 7-inches, though it's not unheard of to find contractors offering 4-inch and 8-inch gutters to cater to very specific tastes. For most homeowners, however, the best approach is to customize their rain gutters while keeping their choices between the 5-inch and 6-inch mark. Before making a decision, you must know about the perks and drawbacks that set these two sizes apart to get a clear idea of how they would work on your home. Let's take a closer look at each of the options:

5-inch gutters represent one of the smallest sizes used to sustain a standard residence in the event of rainstorms and snow. They conform to styles that are on the narrow side, so it stands to reason that they follow a relatively simple configuration. Because of this, they tend to work well with a k-style profile. A 5-inch width comes in handy when the owner wants their gutters to be inconspicuous, but they are more likely to have issues draining the water from the water to the downspout, especially if the roofs are particularly steep. This makes 5-inch gutters more susceptible to overflowing.

6 inch Rain Gutter and Downspout in White6-inch gutters have the notable advantage of holding more water, and this makes them a viable option for both homes and commercial establishments. 6-inch gutters carry the water more efficiently towards the downspouts and away from the sidings and foundations, making them a more appropriate long-term solution. They yield great results with both half-round and k-style profiles, usually accompanied by a 3x4 downspout.

Which Is the Best Size for You?

The answer changes for every person. If you want to install rain gutters to protect your house, then you probably know that the roofs of most suburban homes are steep enough for rainwater to flow more quickly from their surface to the ground. Because of this, certain gutter types might not have enough capacity to carry all the water from a storm without overflowing the gutters and causing spillage on your sidings.

6-inch gutters are usually the safest option when it comes to residential buildings. Depending on the pitch of your roofs, you could go for a box, half round, or a K-style profile. With a 6-inch width, any of these styles can effectively hold all the water before it spills down your walls and foundations. Some of the advantages that make 6-inch gutter work so well for most modern homes:
  • Their width offers enough space to redirect high concentrations of rainwater, holding twice the amount of water that 5-inch gutters can carry at any given time.
  • They have better control over the water flow.
  • They work with different types of roofs without risking leaks or flooding. Roofs with a steeper pitch, as well as complex roofs with a lot of valleys, will benefit from having a 6-inch gutter to collect the water that runs down their surface.
5 inch Galvanized Rain Gutter and Downspout When it comes to industrial buildings and commercial establishments, both 6-inch oversized gutters and 7-inch gutters are popular choices, but it will all depend on the roof's measures and the overall size of the building. 7-inch gutters with either box or k-style profiles perform very well on large structures, so they are often reserved for big facilities like malls, office buildings, stores, and clinics. If you want a guttering system for your home, a 7-inch gutter is a bit of an overkill. While it's possible to find 7-inch gutters on certain houses, these cases are far from the norm and usually result from specific circumstances. Most modern homes are not suited to fit a 7-inch guttering system into their layout, so don't get surprised if your gutter contractor rejects the idea as soon as you bring it up to save you the trouble.

On this note, when you hire a rain guttering company with reliable references, experience in the field, and knowledge of the local climate, you can get professional counsel to sustain your choice. You can get peace of mind knowing that you're not wasting money on a flawed guttering system.

Maintenance is Key

Regardless of whether you select a 5-inch or a 6-inch gutter, regular maintenance remains an essential step that you must take to preserve your gutter's functional lifespan. You must check the inside of the guttering system for clogs and clean your gutters at least twice a year (and maybe more times depending on how intense the rainy season gets in your area).

If you have specific expectations for your rain gutters, you can always have your custom rain gutters installed by the hand of the best professionals in the industry. Rain Gutters Solution has all the options you need to make your rain gutters match the structure of your home. Contact us calling (305) 270-7779 today or filling out the contact form on this website to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!

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