How Does a Box Gutter Work?

October 07, 2020

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Box Gutter Profile Installed
Rain gutters come in many shapes and sizes to work more effectively through different water problems. Among a variety of options for houses and commercial buildings, box gutters have remained a popular choice through the years because of their impressive water-channeling capacity. Through a seamless gutters service, box gutters provide as much longevity and durability as more recent variations of guttering works. We tell you all you need to know about box gutters to ease all your doubts concerning installation, including all the signs of a faulty installation process and how that may result in more leaks and dampness on your home's foundations.

All You Need to Know About Box Gutters

The name "box gutter" alludes to two basic traits: One is the square 'boxy' shape of the gutter itself, and another is the gutter's placement in a building, with the guttering system embedded in the roof (either on its edge or near its middle area) and running around its perimeter. Their esthetic value makes them the go-to solution when renovating historic buildings or during the construction of big business establishments. Robust and strong, box gutters can effectively carry large amounts of water, but demand extra effort and professional assistance when it comes to their maintenance. Let's look through their perks and drawbacks while addressing the most relevant factors that go into play when assessing rain gutters.
Box Type Rain Guttter System
  • Materials: Copper and galvanized/stainless steel are the main materials used to assemble box gutters, with many of these gutters having a wooden frame that's subsequently covered with a layer of metal. Steel box gutters usually need to be repainted every 10 years or so. This could be bothersome when compared to aluminum or vinyl gutters, since their paint work tends to last for longer without dulling its initial shade (as long as the painting is properly done with several layers of paint on each portion of the gutter). Since the roof sheeting is usually removed alongside the gutters during replacement, it's in your best interest to look for durability in your materials to prolong the time between renovations.

  • Size: One of the reasons why box gutters are a common sight in big company buildings is that their size allows them to carry the large amounts of water collected in such large constructions. With 6 and 7 inches being the most regular sizes for them, box gutters must be 75mm deep at the high end and having between 200mm and 300mm of width to work properly.

  • Appearance: When properly outlined and installed, box gutters make a particularly attractive sight. They seamlessly complement a building's architecture to the point that they are virtually imperceptible when looked at from a distance or at ground level. Decorative wood is a well-known method to enhance the gutter's esthetic value, but it is also more prone to decay after absorbing too much water.

  • Box Rain Guttter with Downspout
  • Water disposal: Box gutters drain the water from the roof through downpipes leading to an outer hole, and are usually equipped with an overflow to keep the water away from the roofs in the event of intense rainstorms. They are mostly impervious to clogging, and this reduces the chances of corrosion caused by collected water on the inside, but there might still be a runoff if debris is left to gather in the gutter for too long. Leaks are another common occurrence when the seams are not properly joint together or when the front and the back are uneven. This is why precaution is vital: only a professional rain gutter specialist should conduct the elaboration and installation of box rain gutters.

  • Durability: Box gutters have a long lifespan. This advantage is widely dependent on frequent maintenance, but the shape/dimensions of box gutters, being installed directly into the roof, makes them especially resistant to strong winds, constant rains, and potential damages caused by a collision against solid objects. Their integrity against sun exposure and corrosion is mostly attributed to the materials they're made of and the overall sturdiness of the structure they're built on.

  • Rain Gutters Installation Performing by Worker
  • Cost: To seamlessly complement box gutters to the roofline, their installation involves a lot time and heavy work. In the same vein, the replacement of a box gutter requires additional renovation work done on your roof. Because of this, box gutters might seem too expensive for some homeowners. This is why most US homes have half-round gutters running around their perimeter while box gutters are more common among big commercial establishments. If a box gutter is the most suitable option for your property, hiring a reliable and seasoned gutter installation professional, and setting a rigorous cleaning schedule will ensure a long-lasting rain guttering system to save you many expenses in the future.
Box gutters are the most suitable solution when you have a flat roof and parapet walls, so you must hire professional rain gutter installation services to avoid causing unnecessary structural damage during the installation while ensuring that your rain guttering system is properly soldered. A certified rain guttering company will handle the many heavy-duty steps involved in the installation of box gutters while keeping you on the loop as they adapt the rain guttering system to the particularities of your property.

If you want to start the installation of your rain guttering systems right away, Rain Gutters Solution is here for you. We provide all the options you need to make your box gutters match the foundations of your home. Contact us calling (305) 270-7779 today or filling out the contact form on this website to schedule an appointment with our team. We look forward to working with you!

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