Rain Gutters Solution Fixes Miami Rain Gutter Installation Gone Wrong

September 14, 2018

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Rain Gutters Solution Repairing a Rain Gutter Installation That Gone Wrong
Sometimes it is hard for homeowners to make the decision of installing rain gutters in their properties, in most cases for the lack of time because of their multiple activities. These circumstances can push them to choose a rain gutter installation service that comes cheap, but it ends up being a burden.

We know that choosing the right rain gutter installation company can be tricky, especially when there are many third-tier services offering dishonest promises to people who seek quality service at competitive prices. Often, homeowners are duped by shady businesses looking to cash in on deceptive tasks. As was the case with one of our latest clients, who requested a rain gutter repair service.

Recently, we were contacted by a homeowner called Sandy Holman who had overflow problems caused by a poor work on her property's rain gutter system. She was very concerned because her home was suffering water damages, so she decided to search for a reputable company but instead she had an awful experience. The way the gutters were installed could lead to further degradation if left unattended. The damage spread over the gutters, the roof, exterior, and even the interior of the house; this, in turn, would have caused mold, paint damage and the inevitable decrease of the propriety's net-value.

The customer called us and told us her main problems: her previous contractor left the downspout facing the wrong side, making a mess all over her front yard; besides, they didn't install enough hangers, so the gutter started to sag and leak in the joints. This issue, in turn, was causing pooled water on the sides of the house and dampness on the roof. Instead of fixing the problems they blamed the poor installation on "roof issues" and didn't repair the damage.

Rain Gutter Installation
Our team of specialists visited the house to evaluate the conditions of the gutters. The previous work was, evidently, a mess; we'd have to restore the downspouts and build a new one from scratch. Though no job is totally predictable, we rest in the knowledge that every single rain gutter we install has the approval from many satisfied customers, so with our top-notch products and rain gutter repair service, we would fix this situation in no time.

Seamless Rain Gutter InstallationAfter a thorough inspection, we started the repair process by replacing the downspouts for customized rain chains; this would stop the constant flooding in the garden that was causing plague breeding and damage to the exterior appearance of the house. The rain chain is a beautiful and functional accessory that would bring an extra touch of luxury to the property while leading the rainwater to a specific spot in the ground. The one she chose makes a relaxing, soothing sound when rain falls; these chimes are our customers' favorites since they add beauty not only to the property but to their day-to-day lives.

Although the gutters looked well installed we noticed that some hangers were missing, which represent a potential risk, since this can cause the collapse of a section or even the whole gutter over time. We decided to reinforce them by installing more hangers to avoid leak issues.

In the end, the homeowner was very happy with the work we performed on her house and promised us we would be the only rain gutter company she would call from now on. The satisfaction of our customers is one of the many reasons that keep us into this business, making people smile is what makes it all worth it at the end of the day!

Damages Caused by a Poor Gutter Installation

As you can see, when your rain gutters are not properly installed you may face sever water damages in your property. Gutters should be a straight line for the water to run off the roof and away your home, if they are not, rainwater will pool along the gutter, causing corrosion that eventually becomes in holes, in case you have metal gutters.
Rain Gutter Installation Downspout
On the other hand, downspouts are essential in a rain gutter system as their function is to deliver the rainwater in the right place, for this they should be placed in strategic places and have the length needed to be connected to other type of ground drainage system to make them even more effective in keeping your property as dry as possible.

The best way to protect your home from leaky joints, clogged gutters, flooding in the garden, and damaged foundations; is to hire a reliable company with verifiable experience that guarantees not only that your gutters will be well installed but they will be also maintained for years to come.

At Rain Gutters Solution we rely on more than 20 year offering high-quality services of rain gutter installation, repair, and maintenance. We also provide a wide variety of premium materials for you to choose the best option for your home. When it comes to rain gutters our high-skilled team of experts has years of experience in the field, working with the best equipment to exceed your expectations.

Are you looking for a rain gutter company? Do not take a chance! Contact us by calling at (305) 270-7779 or by filling out the contact form that you will find below. We will gladly assist you!

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