Rain Gutters Solution Fixes Miami Rain Gutter Installation Gone Wrong

September 09, 2015

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Poorly installed rain gutters can cause damage to your property. Sometimes, services that come cheap end up being a burden. Choosing the right rain gutter installation company can be tricky, especially when there are many third-tier services offering empty promises to people who want quality service at competitive prices. Too often, homeowners are duped by sketchy businesses looking to cash in on deceptively simple tasks, as was the case with one of our latest clients.

Recently, we were contacted by a homeowner in Miami, Florida, who had overflow problems caused by substandard work on her property's rain gutters. She was very concerned because her home was suffering water damages. She had searched for a reputable Miami rain gutter installation service, but had already had a bad experience with a different company. The way the gutters were installed could lead to further degradation if left unattended. The damage wouldn't be confined to simply the gutters, but to the roof, exteriors, and even the interior of the house, too. This in turn would have caused mold, paint damage, and the inevitable loss of wonderful memories built around the house. It could also decrease the property's net-value.

The customer, Sandy Holman, called us and told us her problem: her previous contractor left the downspouts facing the wrong side, making a mess all over her front yard. Instead of fixing the problem, the contractors blamed the poor installation on "roof issues" and did not even fix their mistake! The work they had done to Sandy's roof was a prime candidate for the Rain Gutter Hall of Shame. Sandy, frustrated with the results, asked for a refund several times, and in the end they reluctantly gave her back her money. There was, however, another dilemma: She still had to solve the problem the original contractor created: overflowing downspouts. That's when Rain Gutters Solution came to the rescue. Our team of specialists went directly to Sandy's home to evaluate the amount of work that it would take to repair the broken rain gutter. The job the previous contractor had done was, evidently, a mess. We'd have to break out the best tools available in order to restore this rain gutter to its former glory, or possibly build a new one from scratch. Though no job is totally predictable, we rest in the knowledge that every single rain gutter we install has the seal of approval from many satisfied customers. With our top-notch products and repair process, this tricky situation would be fixed in no-time. After a thorough inspection, we started the rain gutters installation in Miami, with downspouts facing the correct way.

To top it all off, we added one of our many customized rain chains, which brought an extra touch of luxury to Sandy's already beautiful two-story Miami home. The one she chose makes a beautiful, soothing sound when rain falls, adding a soothing hint of poetry and relaxation every time she steps outside while it rained. Chimes are one of our customers' favorites, since they add beauty not only to the property, but to their day-to-day lives. You can also add custom rain gutters to your property, just like Sandy Holman!

In the end, Sandy was very happy with the work we did on her Miami home, promising us we would be the only rain gutter maintenance company she would call from now on. The happy look of our clients' faces each time we finish quality work in their homes is one of the many reasons we got into this business. Making people smile is what makes it all worth it at the end of the day!

Now Sandy will sleep with a smile each time rain falls; not only will she hear the water sing, but she can be sure her property will remain safe from humidity and damage for a long time. Another job well done and another satisfied customer, thanks to the services of Rain Gutters Solution!

If you're experiencing leakage from your rain gutters, your house could suffer serious water damage. Don't delay - fill out the contact form below to have your gutter problem fixed quickly!

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