5 Aspects That All Rain Gutter Installers Must Consider

May 27, 2016

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There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when installing a rain gutter system for a house. Rain gutter materials, style, and the right angle are the most important features, and the choice will depend on the unique conditions of each house. This is a known fact for all rain gutter installers, who consider these conditions when offering homeowners the best options for a water-collection system.

You can paint your steel rain gutters so they match your home Every rain gutter contractor makes an assessment of the house to learn the features of the property and to establish what kind of rain gutter style or angle is necessary for each particular home. The most relevant features that rain gutter installers should consider are the following:


There are two main types of rain gutter materials, each with their own benefits and weaknesses. First, there are PVC pipes, which are very durable and impact-resistant. Additionally, PVC pieces are easy to change if one of them is damaged or broken, since they are very affordable. Maybe the only negative aspect of PVC pipes is that they are hard to paint. The other material typically used for rain gutters is steel, which can give your home a more appealing look. It is very easy to change the color of steel rain gutters, but they demand more work when doing repairs because the pieces are not so easy to change.


Rain gutters are usually manufactured in two styles, both in each material. The half-round shape is very common, but not very ornamental. For those homeowners who want to improve their home's appearance, there are K-shaped rain gutters, which come in different sizes and are more decorative.

A drainpipe channels water to a specific spot Angle

The function of the angle is to give water a direction to run in a mechanical way, thanks only to gravity. The angle used will depend on the length of each rain gutter. The longer the rain gutter, the more pronounced the angle must be. Because of the angle, water can get to the closest drainpipe.


Drainpipes are an essential part of the drainage system. They take water from the rain gutters to a specific point on the ground. They must be made with the same material as the rain gutter, and it should be proportionate to the size of the rain gutter.

Client's preferences

Rain Chains: Functional and DecorativeOwning a home is one the biggest ways for a person to express themselves, and since every person is different, houses can be very different. A great rain gutter installer should be capable of suggesting a good way to give each client's home a unique look. For those clients who want their houses to stand out from the rest, the use of rain chains is a great choice. These chains are used as drainpipes, and when the water runs down them, it makes a relaxing sound that brings harmony to the home, according to some Asian philosophies.

Installing a rain gutter is more than just setting up a water-collection system, it is making an improvement to your house that will protect it from water damage and give it a personal touch. The correct combination of the features mentioned above when placing rain gutters will make them different, functional, and durable. Because of this, it is important that you rely on professionals like Rain Gutters Solution for this job, so you can rest assured that the safety of your home is in good hands.

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