Rain Chains: The Stylish Custom Rain Gutters Alternative for Your Home!

June 23, 2017

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Custom Rain Gutters with Rain Chains
Have you ever taken a stroll down your neighborhood and noticed that everyone's rain gutters seem to be the same? When it's time to choose a rain gutter system to install for your home, few people take the time to explore the wide array of options because, for most homeowners, rain gutters are mainly a requirement for the rainy season. However, the most common options for rain gutters are usually bland and lifeless and do your home no favors besides protecting it from rain-induced water damage.

Protection against water damage is crucial —it is the whole point of rain gutters— but there are ways to get more out of your rain gutter installation, one of which is having custom rain gutters made.

Custom rain gutters are fabricated to the homeowners' specific tastes and needs. Whether you want a particular shape or to use a striking material like copper, if you have been considering installing rain gutters with a unique appearance that adds to your exterior décor while increasing your home's value, then the best course of action is to have custom rain gutters made.

Though the possibilities tend to be ample, there is a type of custom rain gutter that have remained popular for a very long time—rain chains. These are placed in the same spots where downspouts should be, but instead of a pipe, you get a beautiful chain of copper rings that help usher the flow of rainwater from your roof into vases and other containers. The spectacle can be quite striking, as you see the water coming down from ring to ring, making a pleasant chiming sound as it does.

Rain chains are all about beauty and function. The chains display ornate link designs made of diverse materials, which add character to your home in ways a simple downspout can't. Chain links also aid in breaking the flow of water, which prevents water from spilling carelessly and causing undesirable garden erosion. Plus, if you decide to put your house on the market, rain chains can make your property look classier.

Rain chains come in two main types: link chains and cup chains

Custom Rain Gutters Link Chains Link chains are mainly composed of links usually made of copper and come in a wide variety of shapes. This type is more open and are a bit more of a spectacle, but they also tend to splash more water, so it is important to choose their placement carefully.

Cup chains, on the other hand, are better at controlling the flow of water and so spill very little. They are composed of both links and little cup structures with open bottoms that allow water to travel down without a problem. They can handle higher volumes of water than link chains, which is why they are an obvious choice for areas with heavy rainfall.

One of the biggest selling points of rain chains is their eco-friendly solutions for dealing with excess water. Rain chains can be paired with vases and barrels to collect rainwater, which can be used for irrigating the green areas of your property through tubes and other complementary systems.

Despite all the benefits rain chains can bring to your home, there is one caveat in installing them, especially in super rainy areas like the Miami-Dade County. Rain chains have no problem functioning unless the volume of water coming down your gutters is too high. To withstand a heavy downpour with rain chains, there are two options: either you install many rain chains or combine them with the use of regular downspouts. Both these measures serve the purpose of distributing the water to avoid heavy spills.

In that sense, it is necessary to consider how heavy the rainy season in your area is so that you can evaluate if rain chains would be appropriate for your property. Otherwise, you could be doing your home a disservice, even if it makes it look prettier.

If you have made up your mind about installing rain chains on your gutters, or if you would like to know more about rain chains from the professionals, Rain Gutters Solution can provide both guidance and expertise in choosing and installing the rain chains you want. Call us at (305) 270-7779 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with our team of experts. Also, consider subscribing to our newsletter to find out about our latest offerings, and follow us on Facebook at Rain Gutters Solution, Twitter @RainGuttersSolution and Instagram @GuttersSolution to get valuable info on all things rain gutters.

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