Looking for Ways to Recycle Your Old Rain Gutters? Here Are Several Ideas

August 18, 2016

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Do you need to have your old rain gutters replaced? If so, you might need a rain gutter installation service. But, what can you do with the old ones? Recycling your old rain gutters can be very useful, and you don't even need to have special skills for it. Additionally, you might have plenty of fun with your family while doing so.

How can I recycle my old rain gutters?

There are several ways to repurpose your old rain gutters. They are useful for gardening, decorating, playing, and even fabricating shelves.

It is necessary to remember how important recycling is nowadays. By recycling your old rain gutters, you contribute to the environment, save some money, and have fun during the process. If you do this with your kids, it's much more fun.

Reasons for Recycling Rain Gutters After a Rain Gutter Installation
There are many websites full of good ideas for crafts using rain gutters that will inspire you to create new, interesting items for your household. Here are some of those ideas:
  • Gardening
  • You can turn your rain gutters into a rain gutter garden. They are an excellent option for growing small plants that don't need deep containers. Moreover, they can be hanged or fixed on the walls or the fence. You can also attach them to your roof, and this way you will have a beautiful vertical garden that will look stunning during spring when the flowers bloom.

    Also, you can grow lettuce, carrots, beets, spinach, garlic, strawberries, and more. Strawberries are especially ideal for this, since they don't need a deep space to grow. This way you will provide yourself and your family with nice, fresh, homegrown strawberries.

  • Games
  • You can use your rain gutter for a "raingutter regatta" at home. The "Raingutter regatta" is a competition for Cub Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America, which consists of racing with toy sailboats placed in rain gutters filled to the top with water. The sailboats are moved by blowing on them, either directly or through drinking straws. The boats cannot be touched by the hands or the straws. The first sailboat to reach the end of the rain gutter is the winner. So, as you can see, you can have your kids play their own version of this interesting game in your yard. They can even invite their friends over, and you can play with them too, having a fun family moment.

    Another purpose your kids can find for old rain gutters is using them as toy race tracks, so they can race their toy cars through them. They are also useful for making ball tracks, providing your small children with a lot of fun. Ball tracks made with rain gutters and downspouts can even be attached to the fence of the house, which makes the game more interesting, as the kids have to insert the ball at the top of the downspout and catch it at the bottom with their hands or a bucket. The fun is in waiting for the ball to come out the other end while it rolls through the track, and since they will not be able to see the movement of the ball inside the rain gutters and downspouts, it will be more exciting.

    You should be careful to use a rain gutter made of either plastic or vinyl instead of metal for these purposes, as you don't want your children to cut themselves on the rain gutters while playing.

  • Shelves
  • Some of Our Professionals Doing a Rain Gutter Installation Yes, bookshelves can be made using rain gutters. You just need to cut them to make them suitable for the space where you want to put them. If you want to set a new bookshelf in your kids' bedrooms, they may want to help you. They can paint them with their favorite colors to make them match the rest of the bedroom's decoration.
Rain gutters are also useful for holding your children's smaller, lightweight toys, such as teddy bears. You can use them to hold their shoes as well, so you don't have to worry about any mess.

After reading all this, we hope you are willing to recycle your old rain gutters so you can transform them into something beautiful and fun to play or work with. If you need a rain gutter installation in Miami, you can book a free appointment with Rain Gutters Solution's technicians by filling out our online contact form or calling (305) 270-7779. You can find us on Facebook at Rain Gutters Solution and follow us on Twitter @RainGuttersSolution and Instagram @GuttersSolution.

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