Is It Cheaper To Install Your Own Gutters?

November 10, 2022

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Rain gutters are a valuable asset for any house or business in South Florida. During the rainy season, a rain guttering system redirects all the water falling on your roof toward a disposal area, preventing moisture buildup and water damage around your property. Most people hire a Rain Gutter Installation Service to secure all the advantages of a custom guttering system, but this doesn't mean that DIY gutters aren't popular.

Every year, many homeowners still try their hand at rain gutter installation, especially when replacing old and damaged gutters. There's no shortage of resources for those who want to install their own gutter, but the fact remains that a professional installation service is still miles ahead of a homemade job. For many people, it all boils down to which option is more appropriate for their home improvement budget.

Is DIY Gutter Installation Cheaper?

It's not rare for people to try installing a new gutter on their own after comparing prices. Yes, installing your own gutters is cheaper than hiring a professional installation service when you consider only the installation costs. You don't have to pay for a contractor's skillset, and the installation itself is more affordable if you're going for a sectioned gutter.

Man Installing DIY GuttersMoreover, professional contractors always strive to use the highest quality available for their materials when building seamless gutters; it's the best way to harness all the advantages of a custom-made guttering system. This means that the materials could also increase the standard price of installation service.

In other cases, homeowners have scheduling conflicts that leave DIY installation as the less stressful choice. Homeowners can buy what they need on their own time, and install their gutters at odd hours of the day if their other responsibilities keep them busy during regular working hours.

Are Custom Gutters Expensive?

Installation costs vary depending on materials and the installation method, but we can still give you a frame of reference.

The cost of installation ranges between $5 and $17 per linear foot when using metals like aluminum or galvanized steel. The installation of copper gutters can be as expensive as $30 per linear foot, mainly due to the sturdiness provided by the material. The price range per linear foot usually stays below the 10-dollar mark when choosing vinyl gutters, but this is not the most resistant material to prevent water damage during an intense storm.

An installation job is less expensive when it comes to sectioned gutters, as there's no need to use special equipment to shape the material. Hardware stores usually sell pre-cut pieces that can be sealed together upon installation, and this is why sectioned gutters are overall the most accessible option for a DIY installation job. The downside of this is that the seams remain a major weakness throughout the gutter's lifespan. The seams are the most common spot for gutters to start rusting and leaking. They also make cleaning harder, with leaves, debris, and sediment usually getting stuck around the joints.

Seamless gutters are built with a portable metal-bending machine that shapes the metal to match a specific set of measurements. Mounting the guttering system below the roof also takes more expertise. All these factors add to the cost, leaving the installation in a $900-$2,500 price range.

A Great Investment

Professional gutters wouldn't be so popular if they didn't bring a considerable improvement over homemade gutters. For one, hiring a professional service removes the expenses generated from buying tools and materials; your contractor will bring their own equipment and the highest quality materials to deliver better results.

Professional Gutter InstallerMore importantly, a professional installation job provides more durable gutters and less money spent on repairs throughout the years. You can make your gutters perform well after installing them on your own, but they're likely to have fewer defenses against the wind, impact, and heavy rain. You'll have to fix leaks, loose joints, sagging sections, and other common issues regularly, and the costs will eventually surpass the price range of a professional gutter.

Again, sectioned gutters are the best option for DIY installation. While this could make the process relatively simple for beginners, it also brings many hurdles down the line. Seamless gutters demand less in terms of maintenance because there are few seams to deal with. As such, you can also expect more clogs and other pesky problems with a sectioned gutter, and all the repair expenses attached to them.

If you're wary about the costs of a professional installation service, you can set a baseline and go over it with your contractor. Rain gutter installation companies offer many options to make the end result worth the investment. You can choose from different materials and gutter profiles while getting the perfect guttering system for your home. With all these advantages and the expertise of the best gutter professionals in the area, you can spend decades without having to worry about getting new gutters.

So, get the best guttering system to protect your property. Rain Gutters Solution offers reliable gutter installation services at the hands of the most seasoned specialists in South Florida. Our gutters have all the durability to stand the local climate, and the highest esthetic value to increase your home's market appeal. Remember, you can call (305) 270-7779 or fill out our website's contact form to schedule an appointment. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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