How to Prevent Gutters from Rusting?

January 19, 2022

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Rusted Gutter
Rain gutters have become a basic part of modern homes, and Aluminum Gutters have made their way to almost all kinds of properties in Florida and other parts of the country. While metal gutters are a popular choice for many homeowners (particularly because of their durability and water-holding capacities), there's a recurring question regarding how viable they can be in the face of gradual rusting. Keep reading to learn more about this particular issue, including how to prevent gutters from rusting on a long-term basis.

Why Do Gutters Start Rusting?

Most metals are bound to rust when they remain exposed to the elements. Moisture is the driving force that prompts rust when the metal remains in the open. Since there's no way to prevent a metal gutter from coming in contact with oxygen and water, there are steps to follow to slow down the process. These options and recommendations provide a huge improvement that's shown on the gutter's lifespan, but you need to be clear on the fact that there's no way to stop rusting permanently.

Gutter overflow is one of the most concerning causes of rusting on metal gutters. Not only does it suggest an installation problem (the gutter might be too small to hold enough water, or its placement may affect the flow towards the downspouts), but could also lead to additional issues, and rusting is a very likely result.

Clogs are another common cause of rusting. On the one hand, you have debris and other outside elements constantly scratching the gutter's inner surface. When you add to it the water that's inevitably stuck inside and rushing down your sidings, you get a recipe for disaster. In short, the gutters start rusting much faster because of all the water pooling and overflowing around the obstruction.

Clogged Gutter with Water Inside

Ways to Prevent Gutters from Rusting

Spotting the signs of rusting on time can make all the difference. When the rusting is mild and isolated, the repairs are simple and cost-effective, to the point that in some cases all you need is a wire brush to scrub off the rust.

Recognizing rusted areas is simple enough. If a part of your gutter starts to rust, its color will take a reddish-brown tone that's hard to miss, especially in contrast to the rest of the guttering system. Remember to make regular inspections both from the outside and inside of your gutters.

Make sure to preserve the inside of your gutters against moisture, obviously from the rainwater left after a storm, but also when it comes to fog, dew, melted snow, mildew, etc. Make a habit of cleaning your gutters after it rains, and if the task becomes too difficult for a large guttering system, you have the option of installing gutter guards in some parts of its surface.

Now, it's even more effective to tailor your gutters upon installation to minimize all possible changes of rusting. With that in mind, we have some useful tips to keep in mind while installing your new gutters:
  • Your gutter's dimension matter, otherwise, the water will not run properly toward the drainage area. If your gutter isn't perfectly aligned to catch the water from the roof, they will show signs of rusting in a couple of years because there'll be water pooled inside / running down their sides during every rainstorm.

  • If the structure allows it, avoid using more than one type of metal on your gutters. If you mix different metals, you will risk galvanic corrosion on your gutters, so if there's need to take this approach, it's best to follow your contractor's lead to make sure you choose similar metals that mesh well together.

  • Aluminum gutters are excellent at resisting corrosion. Galvanized steel also protects against rusting but will still need further maintenance when the galvanization eventually wears off.
Rusted Gutter Leaking

Why Is This Important?

You know how to prevent gutters from rusting, but why should you? It is actually in your best interest to stop rusting during the early stages. It will save you repair expenses and keep your gutters working properly for longer.

Rust alters the appearance of your gutters, making them look aged and neglected. More importantly, it can lead to holes because it basically eats away the metal and wears down the gutters as a whole. The seams are already the most vulnerable part of a guttering system. If they get rusted, it'll be harder to preserve your gutter's stability while working through the necessary repairs.

It also helps to recognize cases in which replacing your gutters is the safer choice. Clearing up rusting is easy when you keep up with your regular maintenance, but if you see that the problem spreads to multiple parts of your gutters despite all your cleaning efforts, a new guttering system will the best long-term solution, both for your home and your own peace of mind.

You can always count on Rain Gutters Solution to meet your expectations when it comes to custom-made gutters. We understand the problems that can affect a gutter's performance after years of exposure to the elements, which is why we always work with the best equipment and materials to make your rain gutter as durable as it can be. To schedule an appointment with our specialists, call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form. We're here to help you save time and money with the best rain gutters in South Florida.

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