How Long Do Gutters Usually Last?

November 17, 2022

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How Long Should a Gutter System Last
A rain gutter is the most effective defense to keep rainwater away from a building. It keeps a property free of damp spots, stops the formation of pools of water on the garden beds, and more importantly, preserves the foundations in the long run. People put many of their expectations onto rain gutters, especially Seamless Rain Gutters. A rain guttering system needs to be durable and sturdy to perform properly during every storm. Otherwise, it only becomes a new source of concern for homeowners, adding new expenses when it fails to prevent water damage.

Taking Care of Your Rain Gutters

First of all, rain gutters last longer when they're installed by a professional. A rain gutter installation company specializes in manufacturing and mounting gutters to ensure that the end result meets all the necessary specifications. The guttering system will provide more resistance against external damage, and this will reduce the homeowner's responsibilities in the cleaning and maintenance department.

Now, that leads us to the most important detail.

How Long Should a Rain Gutter LastEven the sturdiest gutter will be affected by poor maintenance. Keeping a rain guttering system in good condition involves regular inspections and cleaning to prevent clogs. This is all the more important if you have many trees standing nearby and no leaf guards protecting your gutters. Contractors recommend scheduling two cleaning sessions each year to prevent the accumulation of debris inside the gutter.

You also need to check that the gutter works properly every week, testing the water flow and looking inside the gutter run to find potential clogs. Leaks and other common problems can be fixed without dismounting the whole guttering system, but for that, you need to identify the source of the problem early on.

How Long Do Gutters Last?

The gutter's material will determine its lifespan, but it's standard for professional gutters to last at least a few decades. Copper gutters are known for lasting over 50 years while vinyl gutters have an average lifespan of 25 years. Aluminum gutters, the most popular type of gutter nowadays, can last from 20 to 40 years with only basic maintenance. With these odds, many people agree that having a rain gutter in place is a good long-term solution.

Environmental factors also play an important part. A rain gutter that's located in a dry, arid area will be subjected to fewer storms throughout the year, so it can go for longer without needing any major repairs.

Many gutters could be compromised by leaks, loose screws on the seals and brackets, or external elements leaving fissures on the gutter run. It's possible to bring a rain gutter back to optimal condition after it's damaged, especially if the problem doesn't compromise the flow of water toward the downspout. You can always reach out to a professional company, and have a contractor make the necessary repairs so that the gutter still looks as good as new.

On the opposite end, there are cases where the damage affects the entire guttering system. You can still fix the area to keep the gutter working in the meantime, but getting a new gutter is the most viable solution to large-scale issues.

When Should I Replace My Gutters?

We'll now list the cases in which you should get your gutters replaced. These problems are common in old and/or poorly installed gutters, but sometimes they can also affect a new guttering system if it's been hit by a tropical storm.
  • Sagging gutter: If your gutter is properly installed, there's no reason for it to be leaning away from its designated spot under the roof's edge. Sagging gutters are constantly at risk of falling apart, so you can't take the problem lightly. Sometimes, you just have to tighten/reinforce the soldering in sections of the gutter, but this could also be caused by a faulty installation job.

  • Rusty gutter: There are ways to cover rusty spots on the gutter's surface, but that might not be enough if the problem spreads around several parts of your guttering system. It means that the material is succumbing to decay and can easily lead to cracks and leaks on different parts of the gutter.

  • How Long Should a Gutter Last
  • Gutter overflowing: Rain gutters are supposed to keep the water moving smoothly toward the downspouts. In many cases, a clogged gutter can make the water spill on the sides, but the problem could also be related to the gutter's capacity or its alignment below the roof. You should also call a contractor if you find water sitting inside your gutter when it's not raining, even if it hasn't reached the point of overflowing.

  • Leaks: Similar to what happens when you deal with rusting, leaks shouldn't be a regular occurrence. If your gutter is leaking, your home is vulnerable to water damage, and the guttering system isn't equipped to redirect all the liquid that ends inside.

  • Moisture buildup: Sometimes the first signs of a problem are found all around the house. If you constantly see wet patches on the walls, rot, and cracks on your foundations, or mold growing in parts of the house, then the rainwater is not being redirected away from the house. This could be caused by a clog, or the gutter might simply be too small to efficiently redirect all the water away from the house.
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