How Gutters Help Mitigate Hurricane Damage

October 29, 2022

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Can Gutters Help Mitigate Hurricane Damage
There's no scenario in which a hurricane alert isn't a source of anxiety. As it is, we can't accurately predict the outcome of a hurricane, but homeowners all over the U.S. know that it's always important to mitigate any property damage. Rain gutters already help prevent water damage, and they're known to show all their durability through the hurricane season. Having a Rain Gutter Installation Service overseeing the installation of your gutters is already a step in the right direction. A custom gutter can adapt to protect your home or business more efficiently, so it represents a valuable asset during the harshest times of the year. Today, we will talk about the decisions you, as a gutter owner, can make to bring any hurricane damage to a minimum.

Getting Ready for a Hurricane

Historically, South Florida and all its surrounding areas have suffered through countless hurricanes. People know how to prepare for floods and even property damage after they get the initial alert.

In many cases, hurricanes don't do much beyond sending heaps of garbage all over gardens, roofs, walkways, and streets. Nevertheless, a cyclone alert always carries the real possibility of property damage, like broken roofs, flooding inside a building's lower floors, doors and windowsills being ripped from their hinges, and the complete ruin of a home's garden beds.

Can Gutter Help Mitigate Hurricane DamagesWe can't fully know how intense a hurricane will be until it's almost upon us, but there are still safety measures in place to protect people's lives and property. On their own, homeowners can upgrade their household maintenance to prevent many forms of damage during the hurricane season, and rain gutters are one of the best improvements they can provide for their homes.

Can Gutters Help Mitigate Hurricane Damage?

Your gutters can take over when it comes to stopping a deluge of water from seeping into your home. If the gutter is properly installed to catch all the water rolling from the roof, its dimensions will be enough to keep it flowing to a nearby disposal area without disrupting your property. Professional gutters deliver the best performance even when a storm is at its worst, redirecting gallons of water for as long as it's needed.

Now, your rain gutters can also be damaged in many ways if you don't make the right preparations for a cyclone. If you have a dirty gutter, it will take little time for debris and sediments to get clogged, and the drainage system won't work properly against the constant onslaught of rainwater. Between the added weight and the movement caused by the wind, your gutters might completely fall apart during a big tropical storm.

Likewise, a gutter that's reinforced with high-end materials like aluminum and steel will offer more durability against external elements. Otherwise, the wind might send debris and other objects flying toward your gutters at high speed, causing large cracks and leaks. This could also result from shingles falling off the roof during a storm.

The Importance of Maintenance and Professional Cleaning Services

Regular maintenance is key. A weekly cleaning routine is what stops your gutters from getting clogged with waste from the outdoors, and it will also reduce your concerns in preparation for the hurricane season. By removing debris, leaves, dirt, trash, and animal nests from inside your gutters, you ensure that they're at full capacity to withstand strong winds and large amounts of rainwater.

Gutters Helping Mitigate Hurricane DamagesYou also need to conduct a thorough inspection, not only on your gutters but also on your roof. There's an important element of protection that's missing if your fascia board is broken or if you find any loose shingles on your roof. Remember that a contractor can help you with a wide skillset and the most durable materials to enhance your home's protection during a hurricane.

The inspection also includes your downspout, so don't hesitate to get the assistance of a rain gutter maintenance company if you find trouble covering all parts of your rain guttering system. It can be hard to spot clogs on downspouts because they run vertically while being closed on all sides. This assistance also comes in handy if you have leaf guards covering part of your gutter run.

Dealing with Hurricane Damage

We've already gone over the ways a professional contractor can help you during your preparations for the hurricane season, but trusting the expertise of a rain gutter company is also important after the threat has passed.

Even if your property isn't directly affected, a hurricane can still wreak havoc by throwing items of all sizes around the vicinity. With your gutters sitting right under your roof, you can expect a lot of debris, garbage, twigs, and leaves left behind after a storm of that magnitude. Cleaning after that mess requires a lot of effort, and a good eye to spot any damage left on the gutter's material. A gutter cleaning company can do a meticulous job, cleaning your gutters from top to bottom and checking that the material hasn't suffered any lasting damage.

Sadly, other cases require more than a thorough cleaning service. As we said earlier, some gutters break apart from the force of the wind, with sections getting detached at the seams. In other instances, the gutter might stand in one piece but parts of it are awkwardly warped after a large object has hit its surface. A poorly installed gutter could also collapse when the seams attached to the fascia starts to give away. A reliable gutter repair service can reinforce the protection of your gutters during the repairs, touch up the paint job, cover leaks, and replace the damaged sections of traditional gutters. If the extent of the damage is beyond repair, your gutter specialist can provide a durable replacement that's better suited to your home.

Your gutters deserve proper maintenance to keep the best condition during the hurricane season. The specialists at Rain Gutters Solution are ready to provide all the services you need for your residential and commercial gutters, so don't hesitate to come to us with your questions and concerns. You can call (305) 270-7779 or fill out our website's contact form to schedule an appointment. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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