5 Rain Gutter Installation Tips from Experts

July 26, 2021

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Technician Installing a Rain Gutter System
Installing rain gutters is something that may sound easy to perform but, believe it or not, it is a very complex process that demands time and dedication from both owners and technicians. Once you decide to have a rain gutter installation in your property –residential or commercial– you need to considerate several important aspects related to the installation process. In this opportunity, our experts share with you some important tips for you to keep in mind whenever you begin the rain gutter installation process, so you can be well informed and at the same time you'll be able to actively participate in the project.

The following are the 5 rain gutter installation tips that our experts provide you:
  1. First Things, First
    The first and the most important step of the rain gutter installation is the assessment. This is the moment to determine specific details that will be given by the overall conditions of the house. Every rain gutter contractor performs an assessment of the property to learn more about the conditions and features of the house as well as to establish what kind of rain gutter material, style or angle is the most suitable for each home.

    Sometimes, homeowners think that the cost of a professional rain gutter installation is too out of their budget and choose to do it themselves to save some money and time, but the truth is that cheap can be costly. If after the installation your rain gutter present complications you will spend more money than you can imagine and at the same time you will risk your family's safety. So, in order to avoid an inappropriate rain gutter installation that may become in future repairs, we recommend you to always hire an experienced company that ensures you the best outcome.

  2. Your Opinion is Valuable
    To be the owner of a house is one of the greatest ways to express yourself since you enjoy choosing every detail and giving your personal touch everywhere. This suggests that as well as people, houses are very different, and as rain gutter installers we are able of making suggestions as well as listening to the homeowner's opinion and preferences, in order to achieve the best outcome along with each client's unique touch.

  3. Making the Right Decision
    Choosing the right material for your rain gutter system is also something you should be aware of, therefore, it's an important task to make a decision according to your budget and needs, in order to achieve a flawless rain gutter installation. There is a wide variety of materials for rain gutters, each one with their benefits and drawbacks. Here we show you a list of the most frequent materials used for rain gutters:

    • Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel rain gutters are cost-efficient compared to other materials and they are more durable than aluminum rain gutters, but they are prone to rust and must be painted periodically.

    • Stainless Steel: They are known for being sturdy and durable, they won't rust, and they preserve their shine for many years, however, since it is one of the strongest materials in the rain gutter industry, they are usually more expensive than rain gutters made of weaker materials.

    • Copper: This is another high-end material. It doesn't rust and it has an elegant appearance, the only drawback is the price, which can vary with the value of copper.

    • Aluminum: Nowadays aluminum has become a very common material used in rain gutters, thanks to its durability and lightweight which make them quite easy to install. On the other hand, aluminum tends to have leaks at the joints and it can get dented very easily by blunt objects.

    Different Materials for Rain Gutter Installation
    When it comes to rain gutter styles, you can find them in two basic styles, both in each material mentioned before and different sizes to fit perfectly with every structure. They are the half-round shape and the K-style gutters. The decision will be made depending on the structural conditions of the house or building before having your rain gutter installation.

  4. Accessories, More Than Fancy Pieces
    When we talk about accessories you may think they are luxury pieces that are added to the rain gutter to make it look fancier, but they are much more than that. There is a wide variety of accessories that can be used for different reasons, such as protecting the gutters from clogs caused by leaves and debris with the leaf net or the filter leaf ball. Rain chains are usually recommended by our techs when the homeowner is choosing materials and styles for their rain gutter installation, since they are very useful as downspouts and at the same time gives to your rain gutter system a touch of sophistication that will enhance your home's curb appeal while it produces relaxing sounds that bring harmony to your property.

  5. Rain Gutters Installation Banner
  6. Maintenance is Key
    Once your rain gutter system is installed, is vital to keep it free from clogs, leaky joints, flooding and more water damages that can seriously affect your house's foundations. The best way to avoid all these issues is by having a regular maintenance of your rain gutter system, preferably with a specialized company that grants you a quality upholding of your rain gutters. Sometimes homeowners rather do maintenance by themselves to save some money but at the end, they have to spend more money repairing a large part of the gutter or downspout because instead of solving the problem, it gets even worst.
Technician Hand Cleaning a Rain GutterTo carry out a rain gutter installation project in your property is a process that requires your time and commitment to make the best team along with your rain gutter installers, following their suggestions and keeping a good communication in order to achieve stunning results.

We hope these helpful tips from our experts in rain gutter installation help to clarify doubts and to finally make the decision of protecting your home from costly water damage that risk your family safety. Rain Gutters Solution is your best choice when it comes to rain gutters, thanks to our qualified team of technicians with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Your property will be safe with our rain gutter installation service. Call us at (305) 270-7779 or fill out our contact form found below. We will be glad to assist you.

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