How Commercial Rain Gutters Maintenance Can Impact Your Business

July 01, 2021

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Business Building Facade with Rain Gutter System
You might think regularly cleaning rain gutters is just for homes, but you are wrong. Commercial rain gutters also need to be cleaned regularly to prevent water damage to your business. Maybe you consider that having your gutters regularly cleaned is annoying, but it is definitely worth it. Why? If you decide to forget about this important project, the consequences can be devastating.

Man Cleaning a Commercial Rain Gutter Rainwater around your building's foundation can't be good. This puts an incredible pressure against the foundation and the property causing leaks in the basement, crawlspace or other areas of the property itself. Aside from this, there will probably be damage to your business' siding. All these problems lead to mold, wood rotting and other kind of issues, causing water damage in the exterior and even interior walls of your business.

Your property is not immune to water damage. According to the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), water damage from floods is one of the most common and costly hazards in the US and, sadly, for many business owners, their insurance policy does not cover flood damage. When you think of flooding, normally thunderstorms, tropical storms, hurricanes and excessive rain come to mind. But flooding occurs due to a clogged drainage system. This can happen in a fast or slow fashion, affecting areas you thought couldn't be harmed. Along with flooding, there are consequences for you and your business:
  • Structural damage
  • Electrical damage and future risks
  • Damaged crops
  • Sanitary hazards
Remember, nothing is immune to water damage; just a few inches of water can cause huge and costly damages to your business.

Commercial rain gutters are no different from residential rain gutters in relation to maintenance. Commercial rain gutters need regular cleaning and inspections for you to be sure that your gutters are working and draining water properly. You need to be even more careful with the maintenance of your commercial rain gutters because there is the possibility of a liability lawsuit in case they collapse and someone is injured. Gutters are made for one main reason: to redirect water away from your foundation. If gutters are not properly maintained, they get clogged and cannot do their job, giving you a lot of trouble in the future.

Commercial Rain Gutter Related
Commercial rain gutters will make sure both customers and patrons are comfortable. As an owner, you don't want your loyal customers to have to deal with this kind of nuisance. What do you need to do to avoid these problems? A regular commercial rain gutter cleaning. In case you don't have a gutter system, make sure to invest in one as soon as possible. During severe storms, they will protect your property.

On the other hand, when gutters fail to lead water away from your business property for any reason mentioned above, this can lead to health effects on both customers and employees. Mold spores will rapidly reduce your indoor air quality and this can affect people with preexisting conditions like allergies and asthma.

When it comes to commercial rain gutters, cleaning is important to ensure that this job covers every area of the gutter system. You can clean gutter channels yourself, but if you do not clean the downspouts, you could be missing clogs that will give you problems when rainy season comes. What does this mean? You should look for professional help if you don't want to put your business at risk.

Commercial Rain Gutter Being InstalledBesides maintenance, you should be worried about other issues as well. Why? A clogged gutter can impact your business in different ways like:
  • Reputation: When clients or suppliers walk in and out of your business, the last thing they want is to get wet. Be sure something like this never happens.

  • Professionalism: Having the problems mentioned before, is totally unprofessional.

  • Exterior aesthetics: Discolor and damage exterior walls or surrounding area does not give a nice look to your business, aside from being dangerous.
There are a lot of problems to be aware of, right? There is one last problem: not having commercial rain gutters cleaned can result in expensive repairs. If you do not want to spend money on gutter cleaning services, you will spend a lot more repairing your business as a consequence.

Do not let that the lack of cleaning your gutters negatively affect your business. Remember, the first impression is very important and valuable for a first-time customer.

If you want to avoid any problems related to water damage or overflowing gutters, we can help you! We have over 20 years of experience helping commercial properties install or clean their commercial rain gutters in the Miami-Dade County. Call us at (305) 270-7779 or fill out our contact form to get a quote. You can know more about our latest promotions and discounts by subscribing to our newsletter.

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