Gutter Cleaning and Repair Which Do I Need?

February 23, 2022

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Gutter Contractor Cleaning Gutters
Rain gutters are the ideal long-term solution to fight the effects of moisture around your home. When built by a professional contractor, rain gutters can go decades without requiring major repairs, effectively taking all the rainwater around your house before giving it a chance to pool around your foundations. Gutter Cleaning is one of the key steps that all owners have to follow, no matter the type of gutter. Even if a rain gutter system looks its best on the outside, you still need to make regular maintenance to get the most out of the gutter's lifespan. Repairs are another constant part of rain gutter maintenance, but one that occurs less often depending on the conditions of your guttering system.

All homeowners should know this: gutter maintenance requires discipline. You should not make a habit out of postponing the inspection of your gutters just because they are working fine at the moment. Regular check-ups (especially during the rainy season) will help you find clogs soon enough to make repairs without compromising the whole gutter. Additionally, you could find spots where the gutter is sagging in order to replace the hangers or screws around the area.

Cleaning is a responsibility that no gutter owner can avoid; repairs can be prevented but should still be taken into consideration under certain circumstances, and they become more likely as the years go by. Let's look at each process separately.

Clogged Rain Gutter

Cleaning Your Gutters

Beyond checking your gutters after every storm, you should conduct a thorough cleaning at least twice a year, but you may need to do it more often depending on your local climate. This would require standing at the gutter's level on a ladder (preferably with an adjustable leg) while working with the necessary cleaning tools (work gloves, bucket, hose, leaf blower, etc).

Of course, the process can be done in stages so you wouldn't have to balance all the tools at once, usually flushing out what you can, taking a more hands-on approach in areas that have gathered to much debris, and collecting the dirt from around your home afterward. All in all, hiring a professional contractor is still the safest way to get thorough results. It's no use to put yourself at risk when you may leave some parts of the gutters untouched.

You can still hose down your gutters whenever they start looking to shabby, and this will also help you spot potential leaks. Remember, the more lenient you are with your cleaning schedule, the more debris will find its way to your gutters. The result is damage on your roof, fascia, sidings, and foundations.

Just to highlight the importance of diligent cleaning, these are the most concerning consequences of a poor cleaning routine:
  • Clogs, which could make the gutter overflow and cause major structural damage.
  • Leaks, particularly on the seams and around the downspouts.
  • Floods around your foundations, in your basement, and your garden/backyard area.
  • Deterioration and rotting on your roof and down the sides of your house, usually because the water spills out of the gutter and seeps into your home.
  • The spread of mold and mildew in your home's crevasses.
If you're still deciding on a new rain guttering system for your home, keep in mind that seamless gutters require less effort during cleaning and get fewer objects stuck within. Since the joints are the most vulnerable parts of a gutter where most outside elements can get stuck, seamless gutters make it easier for the water to flow freely on their way to the downspouts.

When Does a Gutter Need Repairs?

Cracks and clogs are two of the most common problems homeowners deal with when conducting gutter repairs. You can deal with most clogs while cleaning, but if the clog has put a strain on the gutter, either cracking its surface or warping a portion of it, a repair service is probably the most effective way to deal with it, even if you manage to remove all the objects stuck within.

Damaged Rain GutterThe damage can often result in leaks, along with all the moisture-related issues of having water dripping down your sidings at different points of the day. If you don't deal with clogs in a timely manner, they could also affect the stability of the gutter, making the repairs more expensive and time-consuming.

Loose gutters are also a common issue, one that's usually fixed by reinforcing the fascia hanger brackets. A loose gutter may also signal a problem with your gutter's alignment on the roof, especially if the gutter itself starts underperforming (water slipping between the gutter and the roof, overflowing gutters, etc).

Sometimes there isn't a specific issue to fix, but the whole gutter looks neglected and worn down. This is common for old gutters, but a poor cleaning routine can also make a gutter look decades older. If your gutter has corroded in multiple areas, or if it has collected too much mold, you need to have a professional look it over to find the best course of action.

Faulty downspouts are also a common cause; they could lead to floods on your foundations, so you need to act quickly. If you do, you can have the downspout repaired without having to do any work on the rest of the gutter.

Looking for the best resources to keep your gutters in perfect condition? Rain Gutters Solution is your ultimate ally when it comes to gutter cleaning and repairs. Our specialists use all their skills and the latest equipment to provide all the services you could ask for your gutters. You can schedule an appointment by calling (305) 270-7779 or filling out the contact form on our website. Ensure the best maintenance for your gutters with Rain Gutters Solution.

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