Are New Gutters Worth It?

July 13, 2022

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Two Men Installing a New Gutters
A rain gutter protects your foundations and helps maintain your home dry during a storm. This is only possible, however, if the gutter is properly built to fit the space below your roof. When a gutter's durability starts to fail, the best option is to get the best Rain Gutter Replacement in Florida so you can secure better results in your new guttering system. While some homeowners choose to install their gutters themselves, a professional installation service is a sure way to make your new gutters last longer.

Should I Get New Gutters?

Rain gutters, especially seamless gutters, can usually work without problem for decades with nothing more than basic maintenance. Still, it may be difficult to identify the best course of action when you get common problems like clogs and leaks. Many of these problems can be fixed with minor adjustments, sometimes by flushing out the debris that's stuck inside the gutter or by strengthening the screws on the seams. In these cases, you may solve the issue without even having to call a repair company.

Seamless gutter System on a HouseOther imperfections, however, don't have a quick solution. When facing a persisting problem, owners struggle with their options, as it can be hard to tell when gutter replacement is the best choice.

There are many situations in which a new gutter is the only viable solution, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. The most obvious scenario is when you have an old gutter; it's not that hard to notice the gutter becoming less stable after years of wear and tear. However, heavy impact and other incidents can also leave a gutter weaker from that point on, reducing its lifespan by several years. This is common with vinyl gutters when they're subjected to long bouts of rain and wind.

If any of the following issues persist after you've completed your regular cleaning, a new gutter is probably the best option and a much more satisfying investment:
  • Paint peeling off your walls, mold spreading on the crevices (roof, windowsills, etc.), or rotten foundations. They all result from moisture buildup, so your gutters are not redirecting the water away from your home.

  • Similarly, pools of water around your home and floods in your basement.

  • Cracks or holes on your gutters. You can fix and seal small cracks, but if your gutter has too many broken spots, the material may be losing its durability.

  • Rustiness that spreads along the gutter's length.

  • The gutter is sagged. If your gutter is leaning away from your home, it could mean that it doesn't fit the right way. In some cases, you can fix a misaligned gutter after reinforcing the hangers, but you must still be vigilant in case you're dealing with a structural problem.

  • Any irregularity on your foundation, ranging from cracks to rotting and dampness. A damaged foundation means that the gutter is not working as it should.

Advantages of Installing a New Gutter

When substituting an old gutter, everyone hopes to get better performance and more durability in the replacement. A custom guttering system is the best way to meet this goal. Traditional metal gutters can offer a wide range of advantages, but they can also lose some of their stability as time goes by. A seamless gutter has a sturdier structure and is a better fit for larger/complex roof layouts.

If you make a habit of scheduling a professional maintenance service twice a year, you can prevent major issues beforehand and identify underlying problems. Your contractor will primarily clean the gutter inside and out, removing debris, leaves, and dirt. However, they will also inspect the gutter, checking that the hangers and seams are secured and ensuring that the guttering system is aligned properly.

Rain Gutters Solution offers specialized installation services along with our cleaning and repair. This way, you can know when it's time for your current gutters to be replaced and make sure that your new gutters improve your drainage system instead of creating new limitations.

Here are the main advantages of getting new custom gutters:
    Gutter Installer adapting a Downspout extension
  • You can have a professional take care of the whole installation process, from dismounting the old gutter to manufacturing and installing the new guttering system.
  • The new gutter is made with the best equipment to save time and ensure accuracy in all its measurements.
  • A custom gutter can hold more water, so it's less likely to become strained from the weight.
  • You get a variety of high-quality materials to choose from, and your contractor can point you toward the best options if you want your gutters to be both durable and flexible.
  • With proper maintenance, custom gutters are expected to last an average of 40 years.
  • A seamless guttering system reduces the risks of clogging.
  • You can also install the best gutter accessories to protect your gutter and help its performance.
If you want your new gutters to have all the advantages of a custom-made guttering system, you can count on Rain Gutters Solution. We install the best seamless gutters in South Florida and adapt their profile to all your requirements. Don't hesitate to call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment. We'll give you all the options you can ask for to build the perfect rain gutter for your home or business.

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