Are Continuous Gutters Worth it?

May 03, 2022

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Continuous Gutter System on a Building
The first thing people need to decide before installing rain gutters is whether they want their gutter to be sectioned or seamless. Seamless Aluminum Gutters have become more and more popular as the years go by. They've proved to be a practical solution for both households and businesses in the Florida area, withstanding intense periods of rain and adapting to a building's design without a hitch. Still, many people hesitate about installing continuous gutters when they have the option of installing a sectioned gutter on their own, forgoing all the costs that come with a professional installation service. Let's look at all the benefits continuous gutters have to offer to see if they're worth it.

What Are Continuous Gutters?

More commonly known as seamless gutters, continuous gutters are built into a single unit instead of being the result of multiple sections soldered together.

Continuous Gutter Installed on a White HouseTraditional gutters are assembled from separate pieces of metal or plastic, in many cases pre-cut pieces that you can find at the local hardware store. They remain a viable option for homeowners, especially if they have budget constraints, but there's a reason why seamless gutters have become more accessible over the years.

From the installation to the subsequent maintenance, seamless gutters reduce much of the stress associated with keeping rain gutters through the rainy season. Starting by the fact that they're designed to hold more water without straining their structure, continuous gutters offer many of the long-term advantages that owners expect when they hear about the durability of a rain guttering system. Let's go over each of these perks separately:
  • Continuous gutters are custom-made: This is one of the main long-term advantages of seamless gutters. From a single strip of metal, installers can shape the most unique guttering units following a specific set of measurements. This helps seamless gutters fit more naturally under almost any type of roof and enhances their water-holding capabilities. They basically carry larger amounts of water, and the water flow is smoother even through the worst storms.

  • Simple installation: It's true that the installation of a seamless gutter demands more accuracy, which is why most contractors don't encourage DIY installation. This doesn't change the fact that the installation process demands less heavy-duty work, since the installer counts on specialized manufacturing equipment to do a bulk of the work. While sectioned gutters must be cut and the pieces must be assembled before attaching the gutter to the roof, the installation of a seamless gutter involves handling a single piece that's fixed below the roof at once. As long as you're careful while taking the necessary measurements beforehand, the installation is overall quicker and less physically taxing.

  • Man Installing Continuous Gutters
  • Easier maintenance: Keeping rain gutters is a big responsibility in the sense that homeowners can't neglect their cleaning responsibilities and expect the gutter to work as normal. With that said, seamless gutters do a lot to reduce the effort, so maintenance tends to go more smoothly. This is mainly because they don't have seams separating the gutter into parts. Sectioned gutters tend to get clogs and leaks at the seams because it's too easy for debris and branches to get stuck in them. With a seamless gutter, there are no joints to worry about (other than the ones connecting the gutter's at the corners and to the downspouts), so it's much easier to drive away any external element during a cleaning session. Obviously, this also reduces the likeness of getting clogs inside the gutter.

  • Less expense: If you compare the installation costs alone, there's no way around the fact that continuous gutters are more pricey than traditional gutters. This is understandable given all the equipment and precision that goes into making a gutter just right for a building. Still, seamless gutters are less costly when you count all the potential expenses you'd have to make during the gutter's lifespan. Because seamless gutters are more durable, they resist all common sources of damage for longer than sectioned gutters, resulting in fewer repair and maintenance costs.

  • Longer lifespan: After going through all the qualities above, it's probably not surprising to find out that seamless gutters are known to last much longer. Their design is a huge asset to their longevity, since it usually requires high quality materials that fare better after being exposed to the elements. As always, the local climate also plays a part, but you can still make a seamless gutters last from 30 to 50 years with proper maintenance.
When you hire a professional installation company, you get various material and color options to make your gutter's fit your expectations on the esthetic department as well as in terms of functionality. Aluminum gutters in particular are a favorite in almost any industry because of how reliable they are and how well they look. You can always ask your contractor beforehand about the price range and how each design choice may alter the estimated costs.

In the end, the number of options available and the guidance of a professional gives you room to evaluate your options without rushing your decision based on whatever's available.

Rain Gutters Solution raises the bar when it comes to what to expect you're your gutter installation services. For decades, we've built and installed the most durable seamless gutters in all corners of South Florida, through a process that's both efficient and cost-effective. When you come to us, you know you'll get top-tier services, as shown by the quality of our work through the years. Feel free to call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website to schedule an appointment and get the best seamless gutters for your property.

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