Why Do Some Buildings Need Rain Gutters?

November 19, 2018

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Performing Rain Gutter Installation to Residential Building
Any person that acquires a new property should know the importance of protecting it from the consequences of natural elements, especially rainwater which could be really harmful to your house or building if you ignore it. Rain is one of the strongest forces of nature, and it can cause costly damages to a building. One of the best ways to prevent this issue is with a rain gutter installation performed by an experienced company. Up next, we'll show you some good reasons to choose this important drainage system for your property.

A rain gutter system is a structure placed at the edge of the rooftop in the form of a narrow channel and its main function consists of collecting rainwater coming from the roof and taking it to ground level. Rain gutters are essential for both residential or commercial property to prevent water from getting inside it and thus, causing problems like dampness in walls and roof, flooding in the garden, foundation instability, exterior erosion, among others.

As we mentioned before, the rain gutter system plays an important role in protecting your property from water damages, therefore all structures need a water collection system. However, they are not suitable for all buildings. Rain gutters are highly recommended in houses, warehouses, and buildings with few levels but with a large horizontal rooftop, while multiple-level buildings use different methods that are more practical.

Why Rain Gutters Are Essential for Your Property?

The damage that water can do to a property is not only structural, it also has a negative impact on the aesthetic of the house or building. Rain gutters prevent water from running down the walls and leaving a very ugly stain. All these problems have another consequence – they lower the price of the property and make it less competitive in the real-estate market.

A big plus is that rain gutters collect water, which can later be used for other activities. The water collected from rain gutters doesn't have to be thrown away; it can be used for gardening and irrigation. Since rainwater is natural it provides plants with nutrients that help them to grow faster.

Let's check out some of the benefits that rain gutters offer to protect your property:
     Rain Gutter Installation Downspout Collect Water System
  • Rain gutters protect your property against flooding since rainwater is redirected to a specific spot, like a storm drain, a barrel or another water collection system.

  • Your property's foundations will be safeguarded from dampness which can be very dangerous for its structural stability.

  • Standing water and pest proliferation in your garden will minimize, keeping your family safe from sickness caused by a virus.

  • Your house or commercial won't be an environment for mold to flourish since there won't be overflow in your roof, all the rainwater will be collected along the gutters until the downspout.

  • Exterior walls, driveways, and walkways will be free from stains and erosion, which keeps your property's value whenever you decide to sell it.

  • Rain gutters will enhance your home or commercial's curb appeal, adding an additional value as well as good taste to your façade.

Always Keep in Mind…

Features like the style, size, material and type of water collection system are crucial to being defined with a rain gutter specialist who will advise you about everything your property needs, according to your budget. For example, K-style and half-round rain gutters are recommended for residential use, while box rain gutters are suggested for commercial purposes. If you live in a rainy area, then K-style rain gutters might suit your house better since they have a greater capacity than half-round rain gutters.

 Rain Gutter Installation K-StyleIt is also important to give the proper maintenance to your rain gutters, at least twice a year with the help of an experienced company. Additionally, you can check regularly for debris that may get stuck, holes, dents, rusted spots or misfit joints that can cause leaks; as well as downspouts which also need to be checked to make sure they are delivering the rainwater to the right place, at least 5 to 10 feet away from your property's foundation.

Rain Gutters Solution is a rain gutter company with headquarters in Miami, Florida, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. The company offers well-trained specialists for rain gutter installation, repair, cleaning, and customization throughout the state. Through innovative methods, they guarantee satisfying results for their clients. The homeowners who hire Rain Gutters Solution to perform jobs can count on the best home improvement services.

Rain Gutters Solution offers a variety of services. We perform rain gutter installation, done by very well-trained specialists that use high-quality materials, which guarantee great results. We also carry out all type of rain gutter repairs. Our professionals have plenty of experience and are capable of fulfilling our customers' requirements to keep their property free from water damages.

Rain gutters can get clogged over time; Rain Gutters Solution provides you with a superior rain gutter cleaning services to remove all of the debris, leaves, and branches from your rain gutters, so they are clear at all times. Finally, we offer custom rain gutter services for clients who want to upgrade their rain gutters and give them a personal or artistic touch, so their home or commercial can be different from the rest.

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