Why Choose Vinyl Gutters?

July 04, 2018

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Vinyl Gutters Presentation
When you think about having a rain gutter installation in your property, you may imagine that terrifying moment when is time to choose the material, and you see yourself in front of the computer staring at a wide list of materials and styles of rain gutters, feeling completely overwhelmed and confused after reading all that information, and in the end you still have the same question in your head; which one is the best material for my rain gutters? Don't feel bad if that had happened to you; this is not an easy situation for a homeowner, since not all the information you find on the Internet comes from a reliable source, and this interferes with making a good decision when it comes to rain gutters.

At the market you can find plenty of different rain gutter types, materials and sizes, however, it's not about which one of them is the best or the worst; it's about which one works best for you, since every material has its advantages and drawbacks, and it is important for you to evaluate some aspects when choosing the right material of your rain gutters. The weather for example is a feature that will determine which material of rain gutter is the most suitable for your home, as if you have a hot weather where you live, you can not install the same rain gutters as if you live in a snowy or rainy place. This means that the material that would work for me, will not necessarily work for you.

In this opportunity, we show you one of the materials that have become very popular among homeowners and commercial proprietors when it comes to rain gutters, the vinyl. This is a synthetic man-made material, resulting of the ethylene (found in crude oil) and chloride (found in regular salt) combination, which after being processed together, form Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or as we know it, vinyl.

Man Installing Vinyl Rain GuttersThanks to its versatility to combine with other components, durability, and low cost; vinyl is a great option to be used in many exterior applications, as well as in almost all the plastic products that we find in the market. Vinyl gutters are currently one of the numerous lists of products made with this adaptable material, which have become very requested in the gutter market by residential and commercial owners since they have a lot of advantages that benefit those who are looking for practicality and low cost in rain gutters.

Here, we present some good reasons why you should choose vinyl gutters:
  • Low Cost: One of the reasons vinyl gutters are currently very used in homes and commercial properties is their low price; you can find in the market all the rain gutter parts and accessories for an affordable cost compared with other materials. However, there are a lot of cheap versions that are made of a lower quality plastic, which are more prone to get cracked and they just last for a while; so be careful because what's cheap turns out to be costly. Another benefit of this type of material, regarding its low price is the maintenance; you don't need to spend too much money in regular maintenance services since vinyl gutters when well installed, they don't require many cares.

  • Simple installation: Vinyl gutters are designed to be easily installed, they come in pre-cut lightweight sections that snap together at the joints; this makes them very easy to manage for both installers and homeowners. Compared with others, vinyl is do-it-yourselfers' favorite material because of their combination of practicality and efficiency; you don't need to use any sealant at the joints since they perfectly fit together, and their lightweight allows you to carry them up and down the ladder without problems. Despite how simple it may seem, we always recommend looking for experienced rain gutter technicians to avoid poor installations that would end up in costly repairs.

    Rain Gutter Parts for Vinyl Gutters
  • Low maintenance required: Unlike metal gutters, Vinyl gutters have the great advantage of being made of PVC plastic which never corrodes or dent throughout the years; they also have the same color inside as outside, so they don't require painting because if they scratch, it wouldn't be as noticeable as it would be on metal gutters. You only need to frequently clean debris and leaves that fall inside the gutters, or you can use a leaf net to avoid clogs in your drainage system.

  • High durability: Vinyl is a high-quality material that offers both function and durability, thanks to the combination of ethylene and chloride to form PVC plastic. In the actuality, vinyl gutters are made of premium vinyl resin, providing an enduring finish that can last for years. The only aspect that can make the difference in their durability is the weather. If you live in a place with extreme weather, vinyl gutters are more likely to get cracked and easily break part, whether they are exposed to high temperatures under the sun or to constant snow. Heavy rains can also make this material to sag or bend eventually, so in order to get the best of vinyl gutters you need to consider this important variable.
Vinyl Gutters InstallationVinyl gutters are a great choice to protect your home from water damages, while they give a beautiful appearance to your house' curb appeal; they come in different colors and styles to match any exterior decoration. They have everything that most people look for in rain gutters; practicability, efficiency, and durability, not to mention how inexpensive they are in both installation and maintenance.

We hope this information has clarified all your doubts about vinyl gutters and you finally make a decision; remember that having rain gutters in your property is vital to keep it free from flooding in your garden, damp walls or even worse, foundation issues. So, do not hesitate any more, look for a reliable rain gutter company that grants you a quality work and materials. At Rain Gutters Solution you will find the best quality vinyl gutters, as well as the service of experienced and well-prepared technicians that will meet all your rain gutter needs. Contact us at (305) 270-7779 or by filling out our contact form below and we will gladly assist you.

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