Why are Gutter Guards Necessary in Your Rain Gutter Installation?

December 13, 2018

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Gutter Guard Installed in a Rain Gutter Installation
The main function of your rain gutter installation is to channel the rainwater from the roof, going through the downspout until reaching a specific spot in the ground, whether in a container or an underground drainage system. However, like any other system in your property, if you forget about it, you'll be in trouble soon! We all know that rain gutter maintenance is vital if we want our rain gutters last, but also represents a headache for most of the homeowners because of the lack of time and all the daily activities they have, so, many wise proprietors choose to invest in gutter guards. They are gutter accessories that are installed over or inside your gutters to keep debris out of them while allowing water to flow without interruptions. These useful systems also minimize maintenance frequency, which is a lot!

Debris build-up eventually causes problems that can end up in very costly repairs. When this debris falls into your gutters from the rain and it accumulates, it will, sooner or later, get rot and become into a solid, damp mass that will clog both your gutters and downspouts. This, in turn, causes water to overflow your gutters, eroding your grass or garden, or which is worse, seeping in your house' foundations, bringing as consequence costly structural damages to your property. This issue can also cause mold and plague infestations in your property.

Gutter guards are an excellent option to prevent these terrible problems, however, there are a wide variety of gutter guards in the market, in different materials and with a specific way of working. So, it is important for you to learn the pros and cons of the different types of gutter guards that you will find, for you to make a good decision, choosing the one that best works for your home.

Brush Gutter Guards

 Brush Gutter Guards Installed
  • Pros: also known as bottle brush, they're inexpensive and made of heavy-duty bristles. The installation is very easy which makes them one of the most used by DIY-ers, just place it inside the gutter and the bristles will prevent leaves, twigs and other debris from accumulating and affecting the flow of the water.

  • Cons: brush guards don't block small debris such as maple spinners and pine needles so eventually, they get clogged. Each time you want to clean out your gutters you need to take the brush guard completely out of the gutter.

Foam Gutter Guards

    Foam Gutter Guards Inside a Rain Gutter Installation
  • Pros: this type of gutter guards is installed inside the gutter and works as a barrier, blocking all debris from entering your gutter system. Foam guards are made of polyether or polyurethane foam so that, they have pores to allow only rainwater to pass through. They are really easy to install and low-priced.

  • Cons: their material combined with humidity make the perfect place for small plants to grow, which can damage your gutters. Foam guards are good in preventing debris to come in the gutter, however, debris can easily accumulate on top of them and eventually will clog the gutter. Another drawback of this material is that some of them are fire hazards. Regarding the maintenance, they require more effort than other types since you need to take them out the gutter to clean them out and then put them back on place.

Mesh or screens Gutter Guards

    Mesh or Screen Gutter Guards Rain Gutters Accessories
  • Pros: as the name implies they are composed by a screen or mesh made of stainless steel with tiny holes that is attached to an aluminum frame for an easier installation and more strength, usually placed on top of the gutter. Their design allows them to keep debris –including sand, grains, and twigs– out of the gutter while rainwater gets into it without obstruction. They are the best option for homeowners who collect rainwater providing a permanent protection with a periodic maintenance.

  • Cons: you can find a wide variety of mesh and screens guards in the market but not all of them provide high-quality. They have a higher price than DIY gutter guards plus they need to be installed by professionals.

Solid Cover Gutter Guards

    Solid Cover Gutter Guard Installed
  • Pros: this gutter guard covers almost the entire gutter surface except for a small opening. Thanks to their design rainwater are led into the gutter while leaves and debris fall on the ground. If well installed, they can last for a long time and you can clean them very easily with a hose, saving the danger of working on a ladder. They are available in different colors so you can match them with your house' exterior appearance.

  • Cons: solid covers are more expensive than other options and they are not readily available. Only professionals can install them to ensure their efficiency and if you live in an area with heavy rains, water may spill over. Lastly, they are more visible from the ground which needs to be considered according to your home's curb appeal.
After reading all this information, you may still be wondering how to choose the right gutter guard for your home, but don't feel bad about it because is normal. Each house has specific needs, nevertheless, our advice for you is to keep in mind three main questions when selecting gutter protection: First, how much rainwater do your gutters usually manage? second, what type of debris will your gutters be exposed to? and third, what are your house' installation requirements?

Once you answer those three questions, we are sure that you'll be able to choose the gutter guards that best suits your rain gutter system. Even though making up your mind about this matter may seem overwhelming, the investment is worth it, and when the work is all done, you will realize how much they enhance your gutter system and save you money and time in maintenance.

Are you ready to install the right gutter guards for your rain gutter system? Here, at Rain Gutters Solution we have a team of high-skilled experts waiting for helping you to make the best decision. Equipped with top-notch technology tools, they will surely meet all your rain gutter needs. Call us at (305) 270-7779 or fill out our contact form to arrange an appointment with us. We'll be glad to assist you!

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