Why A Rain Gutter Cleaning Service is Necessary Even if You Don't Have Trees Surrounding Your Home

August 02, 2017

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Rain Gutter Cleaning Nest
Are you not worried about your rain gutters getting clogged because there aren't trees near your house? Be careful—when it rains, water won't be the only thing in your gutters.

''What else can clog my gutters if there are no trees around?'' you may ask. If you don't do your rain gutter cleaning regularly, be prepared. You will face future problems with your property. Even the highest quality of rain gutters can become obstructed. Homeowners who ignore this matter are unaware that they are putting their home at risk.

Besides water, there are other things that you'll find in rain gutters. Maybe leaves clogging your gutters aren't an issue because there are no trees near your property. However, you still need to be cautious. Here are some things other than just leaves that can clog your rain gutters:


Weeds can grow in the toughest conditions, and sometimes all they need is a little of moisture to sprout. Just a bit of debris in your gutters can cause this to happen. Always check and clean your gutters for debris and weeds or there will be consequences for your property.

Bird Nests

Birds are attracted to your gutters because they can build their nests there—some birds may even stick around to call your gutters their home. You need to regularly inspect your gutters to avoid this kind of problem. A professional rain gutter cleaning service is your best option to do so.

Muck and Sludge

When organic material like guano (animal remains) gets stuck in your gutters, it eventually turns into a black, slimy mess of rotted material that will block your gutters and downspouts, making them useless.
Check your property for these common materials that can cause your gutters to clog and do your best to remove them as soon as possible. It is essential for your foundation to keep gutters clean and flowing freely.


Balls, frisbees, birdies, and other outdoor game materials can easily get tossed onto your roof by accident and travel into the gutter. Your kids, or even neighbors, may not realize or forget that their toys have gotten stuck (or they may want to avoid punishment by neglecting to inform you of the blockage.) Lots of toys and games can fall into your gutters and get stuck.

Rain Gutter Cleaning Related

Frequently cleaning your gutters can help prolong its life and minimize other damage. Rain gutters should be cleaned twice a year—at the beginning of fall and spring. If you clean the gutters at the beginning of fall, weeds will still be dry and therefore easier to remove. When the rainy season starts, water will flow freely through the gutter and into the downspouts, ensuring little or no damage to the gutter. Also, because there is no debris to wash into the downspout, it won't become clogged, making it easier to clean out. Cleaning your rain gutters again in early spring will again prepare it to redirect the heavy spring rain.

If you thought having some debris in your gutters and not regularly cleaning them are harmless, think again. Cleaning your rain gutters is the single most important thing you can do to avoid your home's foundation from deteriorating. The purpose of your gutters is to redirect rain water away from your home. If debris buildup prevents gutters from doing their job and you don't clean them occasionally, you can face some serious problems. Here are some problems you should pay attention to:

Leaking Gutters

Flooded basements can be caused by clogged gutters. When gutters become clogged, water overflows and accumulates around the foundation. Once this happens, it may only be a matter of time before your basement begins to flood.

Cracked Foundations

Clogged gutters will cause water to accumulate against the foundation wall. This will cause the footing to weaken and lead to the foundation's walls cracking.

Rotting Wood

Backed up water from clogged gutters will cause moisture damage to the wood fascia around your house. The rotted area will get worse if the leak is not immediately fixed.

Weeds Before Rain Gutter CleaningWood Destroying Insects

Bugs love moisture. Cleaning your gutters frequently will maintain the soil around your foundation as dry as possible, forcing bugs to go elsewhere.

Your gutters play a huge role in the structural integrity of your house, and keeping them clean is a great way to avoid potentially costly expenses. Despite their importance, it can be all too easy to forget about them until something goes wrong. If your gutters become clogged or broken, the results can be serious, as we mentioned. Additionally, clogged gutters can lead to rust, which would require them to be replaced.

Do you see how important it is to consistently clean your rain gutters even if there aren't trees surrounding your home? Take care your home and prevent these kinds of disasters with a proper rain gutter cleaning service.

If you live in the Miami-Dade county and need a professional company to perform all the necessary rain gutter cleaning services, here at Rain Gutters Solution, we are happy to assist you. We have over 20 years of experience offering both rain gutter installation and maintenance services in the county. Call us at (305) 270-7779 of fill out our contact form to get a free quote.

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