What is a Half-Round Gutter?

August 09, 2018

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Half-Round Gutter Installed
As its name suggests, a half-round gutter is a half-circle gutter with curled-top outer edges on both sides and in some cases in only one side. This type of gutter is very popular in Europe since half-round gutters match perfectly with the older style of the period were most of the houses were built. As well as K-style gutters, you can find half-round gutters in a wide variety of colors, in sections or seamless finish and in materials such as galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, and vinyl among others, which allow you to customize them and keep your house' elegance.

Half-round gutters are a sophisticated option to protect your property against damages caused by the rainwater, whether you need to have a rain gutter installation or to upgrade the ones you have. Having a well-functioning gutter system free from leaks and clogs is crucial for your house to be in the best shape, this way your roof and foundations will be protected against water damages and your family will be safe as well.

Are you deciding what type of gutter works best for your house? This may be a difficult task for homeowners because you can feel overwhelmed with all the diversity of materials, colors, accessories, features, and sizes that you will find in the gutter market. Choosing the most suitable rain gutter system for your property it's not only about style preferences but about structural conditions of your house and functionality. To evaluate these important aspects, it is necessary for a professional in the field to do it, this way your drainage system will be well installed, and you won't have to deal with future repairs related to a poor installation.

Half-round gutters were very popular among homeowners over the past centuries as they were easy to make using basic tools and they perfectly match with the classic style, however, gutters have been fashioned by builders throughout history and it's more common to see the K-style gutters in homes of the United States. Despite this, half-round gutters are experiencing a resurgence and now they are among the best options in the rain gutter market.

If you're still not convinced about half-round gutters, we present you a list of advantages that you can enjoy installing this type of rain gutters, take a look:

Copper Half Round Gutter

Maximum Customization

If your house has an elegant curb appeal and you need to install a drainage system, half-round gutters are your best option. They bring a stylish and classic look to your property along with a high performance. Half-round gutters can fit every budget since they vary prices depending on their material, from vinyl to copper, galvanized steel and aluminum; likewise, the endless variety of the materials, colors, and sizes available; allow you to customize them without affecting their functionality.


Half-round gutters are one of the most efficient and long-lasting types in the marketplace. Their round shape with no beards allows rainwater and debris to flow freely all the way down, also letting them fill with more water than the K-style. When made of copper, aluminum or steel, half-round gutters can last for more than 20 years, with regular maintenance. They are extremely strong and less prone to rust thanks to their smooth design without edges where wetness can form.

Seamless Option

The seamless design offers the protection of a single piece of material professionally cut to the exact length that your home needs, without joints or fasteners that can sag over time and hence produce leaks to your gutter system. This also reduces the accumulation of debris that will eventually clog your gutters causing overflow. When it comes to the aesthetic look of your property, seamless gutters provide a pleasant finish to your home's curb appeal in no time with a high-quality protection, which makes it a great option for both residential and commercial buildings.

Low Mantainance

After you install your rain gutter system the most important thing to keep them in good shape is the maintenance. In the case of half-round gutters, is very easy to keep them clean and free of debris, there will be less clogging, and they are also less prone to corrosion unlike the K-style gutters. However, try not to overlook them whenever they need to be upgraded, this way you won't deal with future costly repairs.

Rain Gutters Solutions Professionals Installing a Half-Round Gutter
Besides their advantages, Half-round gutters also have some drawbacks that need to be considered for homeowners when choosing their best option, like:
  • Their price can be higher than standard gutters
  • Require professional installation
  • They are heavier than K-style
No matter what style of rain gutter you choose, you should consider having installed a drainage system if you want to keep your home in perfect condition and safeguarded from water damage that can start with a simple leak and then become a serious issue such as garden flooding, damaged foundation, insects that breed in standing water, mold, stained walls, damp walls, among others.

Likewise, your family's protection is priceless so don't risk their safety unnecessarily. Look for a reliable company that ensures you the best results in rain gutter installation and ask for advice if you have doubts. At Rain Gutters Solution you will find a staff of high-skilled technicians, with a wide experience in rain gutter installation, maintenance, and repair, that will meet all your needs. We have more than 20 years in the rain gutter field, giving a high-quality service to all our customers. Do not hesitate to call us at (305) 270-7779 or leave a message in our contact form below. We'll be glad to assist you!

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