What Are Continuous Gutters?

November 22, 2021

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Continuous Gutter System on a House
Rain gutters have evolved through the years, with more gutter profiles and more options to make a gutter more esthetically pleasing. Continuous gutters, most known as seamless gutters, are the ultimate result. These gutters represent an improvement on all fronts, from their water-holding capacity to their durability against external elements. Aluminum gutters are ideal to enhance the versatility of a continuous guttering system, but their process also allows other materials to be used.

So, what are continuous gutters? You might have heard about them often and even seen them on your errand runs. After all, seamless gutters are likely the most popular gutter style in South Florida, either for commercial establishments, industrial buildings, and suburban houses. At a glance, a continuous gutter already appears more stylish than sectioned gutters, which tend to look a bit chunky after all the pieces have been assembled below the roof. Beyond the esthetic benefits, however, there are many other advantages that make continuous gutters last longer and work better.

Machine Making Continuous Gutter

A Look into Continuous Gutters

While all gutter types are meant to catch and redirect rainwater, continuous gutters have a few advantages that make them more efficient. They have no seams separating their parts, and only need joints on the corners on the instances where the gutter needs to circle the building. Seamless gutters are built with a professional roll forming machine and can be customized in many ways so they can fit the building's measurements more effectively.

The main advantages that seamless gutters are known for:
  • They hold more water, which makes them more efficient during intense, long rainstorms. Aluminum seamless gutters can hold between 1.2 to 2 gallons of water depending on their size.
  • A seamless guttering system is the best choice when you need custom-made gutters. They can be adapted to different shapes and angles while bringing a variety of new stylistic options.
  • They are sturdier and more resistant to damage, so you can expect them to last longer than sectioned gutters without many repairs in between.
  • Because they have no seams, continuous gutters make cleaning easier. There are fewer chances of clogging and the debris caught inside can be removed with much less effort.
  • Fewer seams also mean fewer leaks, since there are virtually no gaps for the water to slip through.
Constractor Installing Continuous Gutters

Installing Seamless Gutters

The construction of a continued guttering system includes the material the gutters will be made of and all the pieces meant to secure them in place (gutter straps, end caps, outlets, brackets, etc). If you want to save money on the installation, it's possible to acquire most of these things at your local hardware store, down to the machinery for manufacturing the gutter itself, but that's less than half of what the installation process entails. There's a reason why continuous gutters fit so perfectly under nearly any roof, and that has a lot to do with the contractor's skills and resources. You can purchase the basic tools and enough materials to make a guttering system that stretches along your roof's length, but you'll be leaving more room for malfunction and leaks. When you look at the full picture, there's no reason to decide against a professional service by the hand of a licensed installer:
  • First and foremost, you won't put yourself at risk while attempting an unfamiliar process while suspended below your roof. The installation of traditional gutters is risky enough after all the pieces have been assembled. Installing a seamless gutter involves attaching an even larger piece of aluminum/metal under your roof's edge, an endeavor that usually calls for a helping hand. Professional contractors are familiar with the process and intrinsically know how to use their tools while climbing up a roof, so the risk factor is much more manageable.

  • seasoned installer has skills that only come from years of experience in the field. They will work quickly and efficiently, making the process seem easy by comparison, and you'll see the result in the quality of your gutters. They also have high-quality equipment that will surpass anything you could get from a standard supplier.

  • Professional installation companies will customize your gutters to fit your roof on all ends, thanks to specialized equipment that allows manufacturing the gutters on-site after a specific set of measurements.

  • When you asses potential expenses solely based on the installation costs, a homemade gutter will obviously be cheaper. This is to be expected since there's no exclusive equipment or labor costs to consider. A professionally installed gutter, however, is the best long-term approach because you'll be reducing maintenance costs while preventing leaks and other forms of damage. This will save you money that would otherwise go into repairing/replacing the gutter, but also spare your home from the deterioration that a leaky gutter unleashes on your sidings and foundations.
The contractor will take all factors into consideration, from your roof's measurements to the local climate. If you live in a windy area or if there's foliage all around your property, they will describe additional steps you can take to prevent clogs. Their machinery will rule out any miscalculation that could affect the final result, tailoring your gutters to match your home from all sides. Additionally, if the gutters are large enough to require joints piecing the corners together, the installer will screw the parts in place and use a professional sealant to attach them more securely.

Rain Gutters Solution is your best choice when it comes to the installation and maintenance of continuous gutters. Our specialists know what to do to make your gutters work and look their best at all times, and we always adapt our process to your home's structural requirements. If you want to get in touch with our team, call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website, and schedule an appointment with our specialists.

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