Simple Steps for Cleaning and Repairing Your Home's Rain Gutters

March 11, 2016

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Cleaning your home's rain gutters every now and then will keep them working like they should. Leaves can clog the downspouts, causing severe water damage to your fascia and roof. Cleaning rain gutters and performing rain gutter repair is an easy task that can prevent big problems. We've come up with simple steps for thoroughly cleaning your home's rain gutters and making minor rain gutter repairs. However, before we get into that, it's imperative to learn about rain gutter safety.

Rain Gutter Safety

Attempting to repair or clean your rain gutters from the roof is not recommended. Clean them while standing on a ladder. When working from a ladder, use one bucket for carrying tools and another one for rain gutter debris. After making sure that the area below the rain gutter is clear, use wire hooks to attach each bucket to the ladder.

Cleaning Your Home's Rain Gutters

Follow these steps to clean from a ladder:

Step 1: Start cleaning the rain gutter close to a downspout.

Step 2: Remove the large debris such as twigs and leaves with a trowel before dumping it in a bucket.

Step 3: Flush the gutter lengths with a hose starting at the end opposite the downspout in order to clean out finer materials. Re-check the downspout strainer and clean as necessary if the water doesn't drain. The downspout may be clogged if gutter water still doesn't drain. If this happens, you must check the drain end. Remove the downspout if it runs underground. Next, you must install a nozzle on the hose. Make sure you lock it at full pressure. Last but not least, turn on the water before feeding the hose up starting from the bottom of the spout. The downspout should be cleared with this method.

Rain Gutter Repair

Follow these simple steps to perform minor rain gutter repairs:

Step 1: If there's still standing water after you flushed the rain gutter, it may not be sloped properly and will require adjustment. The length of the system must be declined by at least inch every 10 feet pointing to the downspout. Detach the hangers and adjust the rain gutter to drain properly before reattaching if the rain gutter doesn't slope enough. Keep in mind that you must work on small sections at a time to prevent the entire rain gutter system from collapsing.

Step 2: Inspect the downspouts and rain gutter sections for missing parts and obvious damage. Make sure to space out support hangers every 2 feet along the rain gutter.

Step 3: Now it's time to repair any leaks in the rain gutter. To repair leaks at the seams, make sure the rain gutter lengths are really tight against each other, and use rain gutter sealant on the two sides of all joints. Add sealant along the inside of the joint to repair leaks at the end caps. To repair holes in the gutter material, you must purchase products designed to repair either fiberglass rain gutters or aluminum ones.

Step 4: Lastly, apply rain gutter touch-up paint as desired to cover any blemishes. Repaint some or all of the rain gutters if necessary.

We hope this information comes in handy. If you feel you cannot do the rain gutter repair and cleaning by yourself, it's always best to call the experts at Rain Gutters Solution. For any questions or inquiries, you can always contact us. We provide unparalleled repairing, unclogging, and cleaning services to make your rain gutters last longer. With over twenty years of experience in South Florida's custom rain gutter business, we are sure to meet all your rain gutter needs. Fill out the form below to schedule your next repair today!

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