Rain Gutter Installation Tips: Why Copper Is a Good Option

March 13, 2017

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House with a Copper Rain Gutter System in Miami With so many different types of rain gutters that fill the current market, it's completely normal that general home or business owners wouldn't know which ones work better for their property. While each type of gutter, from wood to plastic, is made for certain purposes and uses, rain gutter installation experts agree that gutters made of copper are the best choice for any kind of house, building, or establishment. If you're wondering whether you should invest in this elegant type of gutter, here are some advantages to illustrate their value.
  • An elegant touch to your property
    Copper rain gutters are popular because of the elegant and vintage look they give to a building. They fit well with any architectural design: rustic houses, traditional buildings, or contemporary homes. Rain chains made with this material also exist if you want to add an interesting touch to your water collection system.

  • Can last up to 100 years
    Among the different kinds of materials used to make gutters – plastic, wood, other metals like aluminum or steel –, copper is considered the most durable. Some experts say that copper roofs or gutters can last more than 100 years, even in environments with acid rains and smog. Literally, it will be the last rain gutter you'll need to buy for a home or commercial establishment.

  • No need for extra maintenance
    This metal has been used for centuries because of its strength and resistance—characteristics that make copper rain gutters a low-maintenance option. Besides the yearly cleaning and maintenance service, copper won't cause as much trouble as other materials.

    Moreover, copper does not rust like other metals do. Instead of a red or orange coating, a green patina is formed around this metal after long exposure to air and moisture. This green film acts as a protective coating that prevents further corrosion, unlike other metals like iron or steel which can rust and corrode entirely. Some homeowners leave this green coating since it gives a vintage look to a house, others prefer to apply a sealant and preserve the original bronze color of copper; it's just a matter of taste.

  • Copper Rain Gutters Installation
  • Custom made gutters for your residence or property
    You can choose whether to have half-round or K-style gutters since both types are available with this material. Aside from copper being extremely malleable, it can be shaped into different forms and designs according to the dimensions of the property and the owner's preferences.

    Copper gutters can also be installed seamlessly with special equipment; the system won't need expansion joints to be assembled, meaning less chance of leaks or filtrations compared to seamed gutters like the ones made of plastic.
Practically the only downside of copper rain gutters is the price – they are generally the most expensive gutters on the market. However, copper gutters are the best option in the long run. If you invest in having this type of gutter installed, you might save a great amount of money in the future since you won't need as much maintenance and repairs as with other type of rain gutters.

Choosing quality rain gutters for your house or commercial establishment will spare you from having to replace the whole system within years after installation. Seamless, copper rain gutters can be installed by professional companies who have the machinery and expertise to do the job.

If you have decided to choose copper gutters, at Rain Gutters Solution we have an excellent team of experts who is highly qualified to help you install the rain gutters you want. Call us at (305) 270-7779 or fill in the contact form on this website to schedule an appointment today! To learn more about us and our services, find us on Facebook at Rain Gutters Solution, follow us on Twitter @RainGuttersSolution and Instagram @GuttersSolution.

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