Learn How Your Rain Gutters Work and What They Do for Your Home

April 12, 2017

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Man installing a rain gutter in a house
Despite how peaceful a rainfall can be, it can be just as frustrating for homeowners. While a little bit of rain will not do much, heavy storms can damage your roof, foundation, and other materials if your property is not properly equipped. Rainy seasons can be especially hard those who have not invested in a competent rain gutter installation to protect their properties from the harshness of water damage.

As most experienced builders and restoration experts will attest to, water damage can be disastrous for a property. Not having a fully functioning rain gutter system can cause severe problems like basement floods, water percolation on walls, lawn and garden erosion, and considerable damage to a property's foundations.

Miami is often known for its tropical weather and sunny beaches, but locals are also acquainted with the region's rainy season, which can last for up to 128 days, during which they can experience up to 62 inches of rainfall. That is not something you can simply ignore, especially if you are not prepared to deal with the consequences.

The best way to protect your home or commercial property from the dangers of rain and water damage is to install an adequate rain gutter system.

Rain gutters consist of trough-like channels that are strategically hanged beneath roofs' slopes. They can be made from aluminum, vinyl, cast iron, or other materials, and their main purpose is to catch rainwater and redirect it away from a property's foundation.

The process of collecting and redirecting water is fairly simple: once a storm hits, rainwater falls and flows down the roof, cascading into the gutter channels. These channels, which are installed with a slight downward angle, rush the water to the opening of the downspout—a vertical pipe that takes the water from the roof to the ground. Once at floor level, the water falls either into containers, splash blocks, or a drainage system that leads the water away from the property.

Despite their simple functionality, efficient rain gutters do many things for a home or commercial property:
  • A rain gutter system helps keep your property's foundation safe and dry by preventing excess water from reaching and percolating through them. Since water makes foundations prone to structural cracks, rots wooden structural components, and weakens them, it is of utmost importance to stop rain water from pooling around your home. Rain gutters accomplish this by taking the water from the roof to a designated area far enough away from the most susceptible areas of the property.

  • It protects your exterior walls from seepage problems. A surplus of rainwater can and will eventually dissolve your exterior wall's plaster protection, leaving you with weakened walls, bubbled paintwork, and all the conditions for fungal and bacterial growth. An adequate rain gutter system will limit the amount of water your property's exterior is exposed to, helping avoid water damage.

  • It is an eco-friendly solution for watering your garden and lawn since it can direct rainwater to storage containers or an irrigation system, which you can later use.
  • A not well installed rain gutter with rain pouring through
  • It can help you add a little extra to your property's exterior décor. An adequate rain gutter system is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, and can be a distinctive element in your structure's outward appearance. Copper gutters are noted examples, as they are commonly used to restore historic buildings as well as on properties that want a classic and antique look.

  • It can increase the value of your property in the real estate market. Not only can they upscale the exterior of properties, they are also a great security asset which many buyers take into consideration especially in areas that experience strong rainy seasons. Also, they are very cost effective since they are a small investment that can last for 30+ years depending on the quality of the material and the installation.

  • It extends the lifespan of your property. Given the set of severe and costly problems that rainfall can have on a property, the best option is to try to prevent them all with the most effective and simple way. This will save you time and effort on maintenance while making sure your property will still stay safe in the long run.

Given the benefits rain gutters provide and how much trouble they can help you avoid, should consider acquiring, especially with the upcoming Miami rainy season around the corner. Don't let a downpour ruin one of your most valuable assets; be ready for any weather.

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