Learn How a Rain Gutter Repair Service Can Increase Your Gutter Paint Durability

June 09, 2017

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Red Gutters Rain Gutter Repair Service
Maybe you have found yourself admiring your home from the outside at some point, and marveled at your own taste in décor… until you saw your gutters. It's not that you didn't pick a nice design or great materials, but a few years have passed, and what used to be an impeccable and functional addition to your home is now a dark spot you cannot overlook.

The truth is, besides being the best protection against the damages caused by rain, gutters can also add to your home's value as an aesthetic feature. Many savvy homeowners know this and make sure to keep their rain gutters up to par by getting a professional rain gutter repair service that not only fixes structural damages, but also keeps your rain gutters aesthetically pleasing by focusing on a key component many forget: paint.

Chipped or peeling paint is definitely not a great look on your gutters, and bad looking gutters do your home no favors, but it's also hard to keep your gutter paint completely intact during storm season—especially in Miami-Dade County. It is common knowledge that very few types of paint can handle a lot of humidity without falling apart, and rain gutter paint is no exception.

But there is a way to make water damaged rain gutter paint less likely to happen, and that is by having an efficient rain gutter repair service.

Repair Leaks

You can't avoid this. Water that seeps even through the smallest openings in your gutters is capable, over time, of breaking through your gutter paint and making a mess. Not only that, but any leakage can also be harmful for both your wall paintwork and structural integrity.

If you didn't choose seamless gutters for your rain water drainage system, you should be especially wary. Make sure to search for any signs of leakage at the seams of your rain gutters and at the downspout connection, as these are the most feeble and susceptible part of your gutters.

You can swiftly take care of leaks by applying gutter sealer to the seams and any small holes, but for bigger holes professional assistance may be required. Less water means less chances of ruining your gutter paint.
Rain Gutter Repair Service Old Man
Fix Your Gutter Pitch

Cascading rainwater that overflows your gutters will not only cause your garden to erode and your basement to flood, it will also eat away at your gutter paint. When gutters are not positioned with the necessary slope, water will not flow to the downspouts correctly, and your gutters will spill all excess water to adverse results.

The thing is that finding the right angle for your gutter can be complicated unless you have experience installing rain gutters. Ideally, it should be ¼ inch of sloping for every 10 feet of gutters. This is all that is needed to keep water inside your gutters and away from your gutter paint and garden.

Replace Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters are not a thing you can easily miss, and you shouldn't. Sagging gutters are risky since they can be ripped off your roof if their weight becomes too heavy. They also don't do a very good job of keeping water confined. Obviously, this isn't very good for your gutter paint either.

Sagging gutters occur because of insufficient or incorrect hanger placement. Ideally, there should be a hanger for every 3 feet of gutter. Consider adding more hangers if you notice that you are not meeting this mark. However, if your gutters are already sagging, they will need to be replaced because they have probably already lost their shape and basic functionality.

A gutter repair service is all about maintaining the upkeep of your gutters so they can do their job properly. If the outside of your rain gutters remains as dry as the fascia and other structures of your house should be, then preserving the gutter's paintwork shouldn't be a problem and your home will look as splendid as always.

If your gutter paint appearance is less than stellar and you need an experienced company to repair all possible problems while refinishing your paintwork, then Rain Gutters Solution is the company for you. We offer high quality service for a fair price, and will repair your gutter system to the standards required to withstand Miami-Dade's storm-ridden rainy season. Contact us by calling (305) 270-7779 or filling out our contact form to get your quote. Also, consider subscribing to our newsletter to learn about our latest deals on rain gutter cleaning and repairing services, and follow us on Facebook at Rain Gutters Solution, Twitter @RainGuttersSolution and Instagram @GuttersSolution to find out all there is to know on all things rain gutters.

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