Is Aluminum Good for Gutters?

April 06, 2022

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Black Aluminum Rain Gutters
Rain gutters are the most versatile way to stop pools of water around your home's foundations. Part of this versatility comes with the option of choosing from a selection of durable materials for the installation. And if you're familiar with rain gutters, even if only in a superficial way, you probably know that Aluminum Gutters are the most popular choice for households and businesses. Today, we'll explain all the reasons that make aluminum such a popular choice for rain gutters, especially custom gutters.

To answer, the most pressing question: yes, aluminum is good for gutters. While a gutter's design may allow more than one options when it comes to materials, it's no coincidence that aluminum has remained the most popular choice for the last few decades.

Gutters can be built in copper or steel, with the latter being almost as popular as their aluminum counterpart. Vinyl gutters are also an option that's lightweight and cost-effective. Still, aluminum gutters are the full package for those who want flexibility without sacrificing the sturdiness that a copper gutter would provide.

Let's go through all the qualities of aluminum gutters one by one.

Important Things To Know About Aluminum Gutters

The main appeal of aluminum gutters is that they can hold large amounts of water, even with gutter designs that would hinder these capacities in other circumstances. If you live in an area where storms are constant and downpours can bring gallons of water at maximum speed, an aluminum gutter would save you a lot of headaches.

Inside Aluminum Rain GuttersAluminum gutters can keep the rainwater flowing toward the downspouts without spilling on the sides or around the end caps. They can hold the water, snow, and ice without losing stability.

Another advantage that homeowners appreciate in aluminum is that it doesn't rust, so it can withstand moisture and stale air without issues.

When it comes to esthetics, you have many color options to make your aluminum gutters fit the layout of your home without standing out in a negative way. The material itself is available in various colors, but you can also have aluminum gutters painted as long as the surface is properly prepared and the contractor uses the right type of painting.

On average, aluminum gutters are expected to last over 20 years, but regular maintenance can keep a gutter in perfect condition for 50 years or more. The local climate also affects the gutter lifespan depending on the number of downpours you get during the year and whether your area goes through extreme temperature chances.

Aluminum and Custom Gutters

Aluminum is ideal for all types of gutters, but all its advantages get a real time to shine when it comes to building and installing custom gutters.

For starters, aluminum is more flexible than most metals used for gutters, but this doesn't affect its durability against daily wear and tear. Aluminum gutters may have trouble withstanding fallen branches or other accidents if you don't make them thick enough, but getting the assistance of a licensed installation company can easily solve the problem. They can single out high-quality materials and come up with a design that's versatile to minimize the chances of bumps on the gutter's body.

Box Type Aluminum Rain Gutters The combination of durability and flexibility also means that aluminum gutters tend to sag less, and this is a huge asset for custom gutters suited to complex roofs.

Aluminum gutters can be installed with hidden brackets, exterior brackets, straphangers, and screws, simplifying the process for contractors once they've chosen the best guttering profile.

How To Avoid Gutter Damage

No material is impervious to damage. If you want your aluminum gutters to last, you can't rule out the possibility of having to make repairs along the way. With that said, the best way to avoid damage is to know about the most common causes of malfunction beforehand.

First, and this is true for all types of gutters, aluminum gutters will get clogged if you don't clean them properly at least once a year. Don't wait for the gutter to overflow to inspect it thoroughly; this could save you a lot of money down the line.

If you live in a windy area with a lot of vegetation around your property, clogs are always a possibility, and it can be difficult to keep an eye on your gutters at all times of the day. You can install gutter guards in parts of the gutter to make regular inspection less of a chore.

Other problems are directly related to the material and how it responds to outside factors.

Aluminum doesn't rust but it may still corrode, and this is inevitable for metal gutters since they are meant to stay in the open for years on end. People tend to use sealant to slow down any potential corrosion and, again, the aluminum's quality will determine how long you can go without seeing corroded bits on your gutters.

The exposure of aluminum gutters to the elements can also make the material expand or contract, so it's common to install expansion joints along with the gutters to deal with the problem before it gets a chance to appear.

On all accounts, installing aluminum gutters should always be left to professionals. Having a licensed installation company taking over the process can help you discover potential drawbacks before you lose money in a gutter that doesn't fit the limitations posed by your property/its surroundings.

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