Hurricane Aftermath: Know Why It Is Important to Check if Your Gutters Need a Rain Gutter Repair Service

September 06, 2017

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Needing a Rain Gutter Repair Service
Hurricanes are a dangerous but inevitable reality for many residents of Florida, and the kind of devastation they bring is quite costly and difficult to deal with. A hurricane not only endangers the very lives of people, but it can destroy property due to the high-speed winds and flooding that happens when the tide rises. High winds can damage roofs, tear shingles, and even destroy your rain gutters. Floods can debilitate the foundations of structures, as the excess water easily percolates through walls and floors.

Despite the risks, sometimes these big tropical cyclones cause only minor damages. It is in these cases when, after the storm, you should conduct a thorough inspection of your property to assess the damage and prepare for repairs. When doing these inspections, don't forget about your rain gutters, as they may require a rain gutter repair service to get back in shape.

Tropical storms can be hard on your gutters. Extreme high winds can rip them off the soffit, flying debris can dent and perforate them, and the weight of some debris can even make them sag or fall out of place. Damage, of course, depends of many factors, some which are outside of your control and others that aren't. For example, this is a time where your choice in rain gutter materials plays an important role. Vinyl gutters, which are quite limber, can be more easily ripped off your home, dented by debris, and generally damaged; while studier options like galvanized or stainless steel could probably fair better against the storm. Also, well-maintained and cleared gutters will have less trouble redirecting heavy amounts of water away from your property; while gutters clogged with leaves and organic gunk will soon overflow and collapse.

Rain Gutter Repair Service Related
Inspecting your gutters is not a complicated matter, and your main aim should be to find sections that are visibly dented, torn or ripped off the soffit. Once you have checked these off the list, then you should be looking for more subtle damages like leakages, which you can do while cleaning your gutters. Cleaning your gutters is a practical way of killing two birds with one stone: clearing your gutters—which after a tropical storm could be ridden with all kinds of debris—and finding small perforations and tears with the help of your hose.

Whether you need to install a brand-new section of your gutters or you just need to repair some leaks and minor details, it is important to remember that keeping your gutters in mint condition is important, especially if the stormy season is not yet over; because if you thought weathering the impending rains was going to be hard on your well-prepared gutters, imagine what could happen if rain strikes and your gutters are down. It isn't a pretty picture.

Rain Gutter Repair Service For this reason, and taking into account that it can be dangerous to conduct repairs while the stormy season continues, your best bet is to get a team of professionals to assess and repair your gutters. Experienced professionals are ready to get new sections, install them, repair leaks and repaint damaged sections quicker and better than you could do it by yourself. Experienced rain gutter installation experts can also reinforce your gutters so that they have a better grip and won't be as damaged by strong winds, helping you weather the rest of the stormy season with a bit more ease.

If your gutters need some urgent repairs to push through until the end of this difficult rainy season, then you can count on the team at Rain Gutters Solution. We remain operative in the Miami-Dade county providing rain gutter installation and repair services. Contact us by calling (305) 270-7779 or by filling out our contact form. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to know about our latest promotions and follow us on Facebook at Rain Gutters Solution, Twitter @RainGuttersSolution and Instagram @GuttersSolution.

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