How Long do Rain Gutters Last?

January 17, 2019

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Rain Gutter Last Rain Gutter Drainage System Installed
They may be unnoticed by most of the people, but your rain gutters play an essential role when it comes to protecting your home against water damages. The main function of a rain gutter installation in your property is to lead the rainwater from the roof through the downspout to finally reach a safe spot in the ground whether in a container or directly in the drainage system, away from your house' foundations.

All this sounds perfect, however, as every system of your house gutters have an expiration. When your rain gutters complete their lifespan and start showing damage signs on your roof the best decision you can make is to have a new rain gutter system installed, no matter how overwhelmed it may seem. In our experience as a rain gutter company, we can say that sometimes proprietors get scared because it represents a big project and they decide to turn a blind eye, but then, they regret about it.

When our specialists mention proprietors the words "gutter replacing" the first questions that they usually ask are: "How long do rain gutters last?" and, "How much are they?"

According to the National Association of Home Builders, galvanized steel or aluminum gutters have an average lifespan of 20 years and copper gutters 50 years, nevertheless, there are several factors that will determine how long your rain gutters will last, such as weather conditions, maintenance frequency, and material, among others.

First thing's first. Before you think about replacing your rain gutter system let's get to know 10 damage signs that your gutters may be showing:
    Rain Gutter Last Rain Gutter Maintenance By Worker
  1. Leaking water along the gutter.

  2. Mold growth near your foundations.

  3. Clogged gutters instead of directing the rainwater.

  4. Stagnant water inside the gutter

  5. Sagging gutters, hanging down from the roof or more towards the front.

  6. Leaky gutters because of holes or cracks.

  7. Puddles of rainwater around your house' façade.

  8. Rust stains and peeling paint on the walls as well as rot wood in your roof.

  9. Landscape erosion caused by a bad water discharge.

  10. Rusted gutters
Once you identify your rain gutters' issues the next move is to seek professional help. A rain gutter company will give you the proper advice thanks to their experience, in order to achieve stunning results without wasting time or money.

Maintenance is Key

Do you want long-lasting rain gutters? Then you should take maintenance seriously. Having a proper cleaning routine with adequate equipment and regularity make the difference between being a homeowner tired of costly gutter repairs or being a happy customer. Remember that if you live in a rainy area or have large trees around your property cleaning service must be performed more frequently than if you don't.

The following are some recommendations in rain gutter maintenance that you can easily have in mind to keep your rain gutters in good shape, making them last 20 years or more.
  • Add accessories to your rain gutter system that help you keep trouble away such as leave guards which minimize the risk of obstruction.

  • Don't leave all the work to the technicians, you can check out your gutters regularly – especially before and after the rainy season – and notice if there is any repair requirement so that you can seek professional help on time.

  • If you have large trees in your yard near your rain gutter installation make sure of regularly prune them away, since all the debris that falls down the trees can clog your drainage system causing severe damages to your property.

  • Have your rain gutters frequently cleaned, so that you can rest assured that everything is working alright and preventing unexpected costly home repairs and, at the same time, your facade will always stand out in your neighborhood.

  • Last but not least, look for a professional rain gutter company that perform the regular maintenance for you. They have the experience and the proper equipment to provide you with the best outcome without risking your safety, besides, you will save money and time.
Rain Gutter Last Galvanized Gutter Installation

Choose the Right Material

The material of your rain gutters is crucial when it comes to durability. There is a wide variety of material to choose from in the market with a number of features that provide good performance, from the cheapest to the most expensive gutter. However, we advise you to evaluate your finances and set a budget for the project. This way, you can look for the options that are affordable for you and the most suitable for your property, while remaining of high-quality.

Let's check out some of the high-end materials in the gutter market:
  • Galvanized Steel
    This material is very popular in the gutter market thanks to the high-resistance characteristics of this metal. Galvanized steel gutters are coated with a layer of zinc and its joints need to be soldered together by professionals, which don't let them be easily dented by blunt objects. They have a lifespan of 20 years or more.

  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel rain gutters are known for being extremely sturdy and durable. They won't rust, in fact, they preserve their shine and resistance for 20 years or more.

  • Copper
    Along with stainless steel, copper is another high-end material, as well as one of the most durable for rain gutters. It doesn't rust, and because of its elegant appearance, it is very demanded by homeowners everywhere.

  • Aluminum
    Aluminum rain gutters are the perfect combination of durability and price. They are one of the homeowners' favorites because of their lightweight which makes them easy to handle, as well as being rust-proof. Another plus is that they can be manufactured seamless to minimize leaks. The only disadvantage of aluminum rain gutters is that they aren't as sturdy as other materials and they can dent easily.
Do you need help looking for long-lasting rain gutters for your property? At Rain Gutters Solution you will find a team of experienced professionals that can provide you with the best advice in rain gutter materials and all you need to know about rain gutters, so you can make a good decision choosing a durable installation for your property. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today and contact us at (305) 270-7779 or by filling out our contact below to schedule your appointment with us. We'll be glad to assist you!

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