How Long Do Aluminum Gutters Last?

May 05, 2021

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Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters Installed on a House
If you live in a rainy area, then you know how rain gutters can help preserve a house's foundations for years and even decades after being installed. On top of building gutters that match the measurements of your roof, a professional rain gutter installation service will use all the resources available to make your gutters last as long as their materials and designs allow. Now, the exact lifespan of a rain guttering system can go from 10 years to 5 decades. If you want an accurate estimation, there are a number of factors that you must look into. We will describe each of these factors while focusing on one of the most popular types of rain gutters available: aluminum gutters.

What to Expect from Aluminum Gutters

If you live in South Florida, aluminum gutters are among the most common types of gutters you can find. Any gutter specialist will tell you that aluminum gutters offer versatility and durability in equal measure. In addition, aluminum is relatively affordable when compared to other materials like copper and Stainless Steel, so it's no wonder that aluminum gutters are so easy to find in both commercial and residential areas.

House with Aluminum Rain Gutters The flexibility of aluminum gutters doesn't affect their resistance to rain, snow, and strong winds. You could always go for cheaper options like vinyl, but if durability is a priority for you, aluminum gutters are a much more reliable option. Some known advantages that make aluminum gutters so popular:
  • They are a long-term solution because aluminum is a durable material that doesn't rust with time.

  • Aluminum is one of the best options to work with if you want to install seamless gutters.

  • It is also the most viable choice when it comes to custom-made gutters. Aluminum gutters can be adapted to fit different angles and shapes, and this brings an advantage over heavier materials like copper or steel.

  • They can withstand extreme temperature changes, and this is beneficial for areas in which the regular temperature is higher/lower than average.

  • While not the cheapest option, aluminum gutters are still a cost-effective solution if you're on a budget.
Most professionals agree that aluminum gutters can last an average of 20-30 years as long as they get regular maintenance. While aluminum doesn't last as long as copper or certain kinds of metal, aluminum gutters are flexible and lightweight, making for a long lifespan and simplifying your options when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Now that we're on the topic, maintenance is a particularly important factor. If you have aluminum gutters, you should conduct an inspection after every rainstorm to find clogs or other problems that could be obstructing the water flow. Certain gutter profiles leave more room for leaves, branches, and other outside objects to slip through during rainstorms, and this results in leaks that will keep the water falling all over your property. A regular cleaning routine can save you months of stress and repairs and expand your gutter's lifespan in a significant way.

As mentioned above, aluminum gutters resist rust and corrosion more efficiently than other materials, so you don't have to worry about too much sunlight once the rainy season ends. The main concern, however, comes with how well they can sustain the amount of water in climates where intense rainstorms are the norm. Aluminum gutters are a very reliable choice, but they can get clogged after uninterrupted periods of heavy rain.

Aluminum Rain Gutters and DownspoutBelow is a list of all the problems you need to keep in mind while checking and cleaning your gutters. These issues might signal that your gutters will need replacement in the near future:
  • Water pooling on your foundations. Even if there are no signs of leaking, if your foundations start getting cracks or corroding, you must look for holes, splits, or clogs in your gutters and downspouts.

  • Mold and mildew on your sidings, foundations, or in your basement.

  • Corrosion in your soffit and fascia.

  • Any part of your gutter bending in irregular ways, or your guttering system becoming less steady. When they're close to collapsing, rain gutters might start gradually detaching from the roof, or coming loose in portions when it comes to sectional gutters.

  • Stains or peeled paint on your walls. This could mean that a part of your gutter is broken, and the rainwater has started to seep into your sidings.
To cover all the variables during the rainy season, you should always seek the assistance of a professional rain guttering company. Your contractor will provide all the options available to improve your maintenance methods and make reparations if there's room for improvement. The specialists at Rain Gutters Solution know what needs to be done to expand your gutter's lifespan, and we have all the necessary resources to customize aluminum gutters according to the client's needs.

If you want to protect your home with the most durable rain gutters available in the market, Rain Gutters Solution is the answer. Our specialists are ready to provide the most comprehensive installation, cleaning, and repair services to keep your gutters sturdy and efficient for years to come. You can contact us calling (305) 270-7779 or filling out the contact form on this website to get more information about our services and schedule an appointment right away.

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