How Do You Keep Copper Gutters Looking New?

July 27, 2022

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Copper Gutter System
Copper gutters always bring a sense of elegance to a home. For years, Copper Rain Gutters were the ultimate option for a property's drainage system and they still hold a place of renown in the home improvement market, with copper being deemed by many as the sturdiest material for businesses and large facilities. Appearance-wise, copper gutters also stand out from other options thanks to an elegant shine that never fails to catch the eye, which is why many people worry about being able to keep the gutter's good looks after a couple of years.

Copper Gutters

Do You Want To Install a Copper Gutter?

There's no doubt that copper gutters bring many benefits, whether you focus on esthetics or functionality. Their main trait comes with their sturdiness; copper gutters are well known for their durability, which allows them to hold copious amounts of water in large structures like office buildings, schools, warehouses, etc.

As such, copper is the go-to material for large businesses, commercial establishments, and for those who want a box gutter design to maximize the gutter's water-holding capabilities. They provide the strongest protection and serve to accentuate a building's visual appeal.

If you're inclined to get a copper gutter, you probably know this already, so let's touch upon more in-depth aspects surrounding copper gutter maintenance.

Copper has a unique sheen that few materials can replicate. This guarantees very attractive results when installing copper gutters. The downside of this is that preserving this classic luster can be harder than expected when we consider the conditions of a rain guttering system. Rain gutters spend their lifespan being exposed to countless temperature changes, not to mention days/weeks of sunlight and moisture. How can they keep their brand-new look under such strenuous conditions?

Copper Gutter Maintenance

First of all, copper gutters are no different from any other guttering systems when it comes to maintenance. Just like aluminum gutters and other common gutter profiles, copper gutters need to go through regular inspections and homeowners need to have them professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

Copper is resistant to many of the problems that bring down other gutter materials. It doesn't rust, and its durability makes the risks of cracks and holes almost nonexistent. It is, however, likely to get signs of oxidation over time, and this is a big obstacle in the preservation of the gutter's brand-new look.

The onset of oxidation happens when copper comes in contact with oxygen and moisture. Environmental factors like local pollution can also play a part. The process gradually changes the copper's color to a dull brown, followed by a pale green shade that settles in after a given number of years.

The best way to slow down the process is to give special care to the exterior portion of your gutter, cleaning all tarnished areas before oxidation gets the chance to settle in. Here are some useful tips:
  • Using high-grade copper for the installation: High-quality copper is more resistant to oxidation and more durable overall. Of course, this also adds to the installation costs, but it pays off by preserving your gutter's shine and functionality for decades without major damage.

  • Work through all tarnished areas: It can be tricky to stop the effects of oxidation, but there are ways to protect the gutter's shine once a layer of tarnish has formed on the surface. A common homemade solution involves mixing four cups of flour and equal parts of salt and vinegar until all the ingredients have fully fused in a uniform paste. You can then use the mixture to scrub each section of the gutter, helping yourself with a soft-bristle brush to make the surface regain its former shine.

  • Apply anti-oxidant coating: As the name suggests, this will prevent future oxidation while helping preserve the copper's natural glow. The best option is to go for a coating enriched with UV protectant to keep the gutter's color from becoming duller after uninterrupted exposure to sunlight.

Looking After Copper Gutters with Patina

When we talk about patina, we refer to the green coating that gradually covers a copper gutter until it takes over its original color. As we mentioned earlier, this oxidation process occurs due to exposure to air and moisture, so it's impossible to avoid.

Copper Gutters with Green PatinaMany owners consider this patina an asset in favor of copper gutters: it adds a sleek touch that's easy on the eyes while removing all worries about discoloration or peeled paint after the entire gutter takes the same pale green tone. Still, there are ways to slow down the process if you're fond of your copper's original color and, even after the patina has settled in, you still need to be careful during your routine maintenance.

If you don't use the appropriate cleaning attire, you could mar the patina with something as harmless as your skin's natural oils. This is one of the reasons why hiring a professional cleaning company is such a treat to your own peace of mind. Professional contractors always have the appropriate equipment at hand and will seamlessly adapt their methods to the requirements posed by the material.

If copper gutters are part of your dream home, or if you have questions about the installation process, don't hesitate to contact Rain Gutters Solution. We offer the best materials and the most refined technique to help you keep your copper gutter beautiful and functional for years. You can call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment with our specialists. We'll be happy to help you so that your gutter can stay looking as good as new!

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