How Do I Hide my Gutter Downspout?

November 10, 2020

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Gutter Downspout Hidden
Effective and long-lasting rain gutters can't be without downspouts. The complement your drainage system and minimize the chances of water damage. When it comes to rain gutter installation, downspouts may pose a challenge because they often clash against roofs and walls in a way that even a whole new rain guttering system manages to avoid. A building can have any number of downspouts depending on its size and the amount of water the rain gutters are meant to take. If your downspout needs to run through a visible side of your home, there are ways to conceal it without hindering its efficiency.

Why Do I Need Downspouts?

Downspouts take care of releasing all the water in the gutters away from the foundations of your home. Their main goal is to prevent the gutters from overflowing, and that's what ultimately determines the shape of the spout and the amount of downspouts needed. The recommended practice entails installing one downspout per 20-30 feet of gutter, but it all depends of the area's climate, the structure of your roof and the size of the building as a whole. As it happens with rain gutters, there are different downspout options in terms of shape and size, with rectangular downspouts being the most common design found in urban residences.

Downspouts are usually built at the end of a gutter section, running down the side of the building and along the ground. Installing a rain gutter system without a downspout is not an option, so the answer rests between finding an apt replacement or to concealing the downspout in a tasteful manner. After all, the wrong tactic will just draw more attention to what you're trying to hide.

Best Ways to Hide my Gutter Downspouts

There's one important factor you must keep in mind when coming up with ways to conceal your downspouts: You can't alter the water flow. If you wind up blocking the water in the downspouts or changing the course set during the installation process, you may have to replace your entire rain guttering system. When it comes to downspout concealment, there are three recommended methods that usually do the work without affecting the performance of your gutters.

Pink Gutter Downspout HiddenPainting the downspouts: Out of the three main options at hand, painting your downspouts is probably the least expensive and time-consuming. You can paint your downspouts with special metal paint to make them match your walls or any other prominent feature in your home.

You must start by removing the downspouts and adding some marks to remember their proper location around the gutters. After setting the downspouts on a surface, you must prep them for painting using oxygen bleach and sandpaper. Apply metal paint primer on the downspout and wait 30-60 minutes for it to dry. Downspouts usually require 1-3 coats of paint, but you can add more if you're not satisfied with the color. Wait 24 hours for the painting work to dry before putting the downspouts back in place.

Painting tip: Choosing the right paint for your downspouts is a tricky task. The end result might look different after drying on the material, and some paints might not withstand extreme climate changes as well as you hoped. Remember to bring some pictures of your downspouts and their surroundings to the hardware store to get firs-hand assistance while choosing the best paint for the job.

Growing plants around the downspouts: This is a great option if you already have a garden, since you'd be familiar with the process of tending to different plants. Surrounding greenery not only works as a great way to conceal your spouts, it also serves as a great addition to make your home all the more beautiful.

Gutter Downspout Hidden with PlantsThere are many plants that will work around your downspouts. Vines a very popular choice that will cover the entire length of the downspouts, as long as you wrap them properly around the spot you want them to grow from. If you don't want to grow vines directly on the downspouts you can either build a trellis or grow a plant into the ground facing them.

Plants tip: If you plan on growing vines, annual sweet pea, evergreen clematis, and cup-and-saucer some of the best options for you. When it comes to potted plants, anything that's tall and bushy will work, but fairy fuchsia and honeysuckle can be a great starting point.

Using rain chains to replace the downspouts: Rain chains keep the water running away from your home while offering more stylistic options. They are usually the chosen approach for those who want a modern, innovative look.

To install your rain chains, you must remove the downspout, this time to keep it safe in storage. Afterwards, you have to cut vertical strips along the gutter opening and attach a hanging bar to its ends. The rain chain is meant to be fixed to the hanging bar and run all the way down to the ground.

Rain chains tip: By measuring your downspouts, you'll get a clear notion of the right length for your rain chain. You can choose from several different materials and shapes, and this gives you the opportunity of creating a truly unique look. It's important, however, to get specialized counsel at your hardware store if you don't have previous experience handling downspouts of rain chains.

Some people also add extensions to the downspouts in order to cover the pipe and make the water run further away from the property. To do this, you can dig a trench that extends around 8 feet away from your pipes, but be careful around areas where roots or asphalt could become an obstruction.

Don't forget that you can always ask your gutter installer for tips. They can point out areas that should be left undisrupted and give you a rundown of the proper maintenance of your downspouts in any of the scenarios described above.

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