Here Are the Most Common Myths About Leaf Guards

July 26, 2017

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Rain Gutter Cleaning Leaf Guards
Both homeowners who have recently acquired their gutters and those who have had their rain gutter system for years, understand that their gutters are a key addition that they cannot forgo without facing dire and costly consequences. However, their feelings, thoughts, and opinions about leaf guards can be quite diverse. The reason for this is that the information out there tends to be confusing, as some experts claim that installing them will greatly reduce your maintenance and rain gutter cleaning, while others say they do more damage than good.

The truth about the matter is that leaf guards are not as indispensable as your main rain gutters, but they are an accessory that can be used to enhance their durability while making your gutters easier to clean and maintain. This alone justifies the investment if you consider the accumulated costs and/or time of hiring a professional team twice a year versus doing it yourself .

The problem is that this truth often gets clouded by advertising that promises unrealistic results, and by general misinformation that leads to the creation of several myths about leaf guards. These must be busted for the sake of transparency.

"Leaf Guards are Ineffective"

This is flat out untrue.

Yes, there are some types of leaf guards that won't work as well as others. Generally speaking, foam and brush types are less effective because they catch and retain organic debris, which then rots and slowly turn your gutters into a moss garden and a critter breeding ground.

But there are many other options to prevent big and small elements from getting inside your gutters and clogging them. Screens and meshes act as efficient filters, and solid covers use tilt and capillary action to let water inside the gutters while making debris slip off. You just need to find out which is the type that benefits you most, taking into account how much rain your home is exposed to, if you live in forested areas, etc.

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You'll Need to Re-Install your Gutter

If you have heard this from a contractor, they are trying to squeeze money out of you and you should never call them back.

Leaf guards are made to your gutters measurements, so they can definitely be installed on the ones you already have without any problems.

You Don't Live Near Trees

You probably think the only thing that can clog your gutters and impede the correct flow of water are twigs and leaves, and since you are a proud urban type, you won't need leaf guards.

But are leaves really the only thing that can get in your gutters?

The answer to that is no. You'd be surprised at the types of things homeowners in urban areas have found in their gutters. From animal nests to toys and many other elements that could easily block your gutters and make them overflow the next time it rains.

Leaf Guards Type for Rain Gutter Cleaning You Won't Ever Need to Clean Your Gutters Again

Aren't your instincts telling you that this is a bit of an overpromise? There is no product in the current market that can make such claims, even though most of us wish there was.

The beauty of leaf guards is that what used to be a gruesome and tiring task will now be easier, as you can just hose or use a brush with an extension to quickly remove the excess debris resting in your gutter guards.

In any case, don't forget to look for a good and responsible contractor to have your leaf guards installed. A professional hand can offer many more options than what you can find at your local hardware store, and at wholesale prices. Hiring professionals also gives you a guarantee, all the while making sure that the final result of your leaf guard installation will be of prime quality.

If you want to reap all the benefits of leaf guards for the next rainy season, get a fair quote with a crew that has more than 20 years of experience working in the Miami-Dade County. Rain Gutters Solution specializes in rain gutter installation and cleaning, while also offering leaf guards, seamless and custom rain gutters installations as well. Call us at (305) 270-7779 or fill out our contact form to and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. If you want information on promotions and discounts, consider joining our newsletter and following us on Facebook at Rain Gutters Solution, Twitter @RainGuttersSolution and Instagram @GuttersSolution.

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