5 Effective Tips for Rain Gutter Maintenance

May 12, 2021

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Rain Gutter Solution Technician Cleaning a Rain Gutter
Keeping your rain gutters in tip-top shape is one of the best things you can do for your home. Not only does it ensure that your home will be safe during heavy rainfall and storms, but it will also prevent secondary problem like pests and mold. When rain gutter maintenance is poor or non-existent, it creates the perfect conditions for a myriad of problems such as leaking and clogging. Rain gutter maintenance might seem like a tedious task, but it's actually a very simple process once you learn how to do it correctly. However, if you're not fond of the idea of climbing up on a ladder or on the roof, then you can always hire a professional Miami rain gutter installation and maintenance company to do the job. If you want to take on the challenge of cleaning your rain gutters, here are 5 effective and foolproof tips to keep in mind.

Man's Hand Cleaning a Rain GutterTip #1: Safety First
Before you start cleaning your rain gutters, make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment. You'll need heavy work gloves to prevent injuries to your hands, especially if your rain gutters are made of some type of metal, which might have sharp edges or parts sticking out. Wear safety goggles and non-slip shoes as well. Now you're ready to climb on the ladder, but before you do, remember to place it on an even surface. If possible, make sure someone below you is always holding the ladder in place. Always keep your hips between the rails, and never lean over the sides or work on the last two steps of the ladder. If there are power lines nearby or if your rain gutters are more than a story high, the best thing to do is to call a trained rain gutter technician.

Tip #2: Regularly Clean Your Rain Gutters
Making rain gutter maintenance a regular routine will increase the lifespan of the rain gutters themselves, as well as your home's exterior. A good rule of thumb is to clean and inspect your rain gutters at least twice a year, especially during spring and autumn. However, there are some cases where maintenance should be performed more often. If you live in a rainy area, then maintenance should be performed as frequently as possible given that rain gutters can clog faster, overflow, and the weight of the water can loosen them. To remove debris, you can use your hands, a scoop, or a hose. When you're done, flush out your rain gutters with a hose to make sure water is being drained properly.

Man Cleaning a Rain GutterTip #3: Clear Your Roof
Again, safety first. Never go on the roof when it is wet, icy, or when there are strong winds. If the conditions are ideal, use a rake to clear the roof of leaves and other debris so the next rainfall doesn't drag them into the rain gutters, clogging them.

Tip #4: Check for Holes, Leaks, and Rust
Once your rain gutters are clean, inspect them. Look for signs of leaks, rust, and check the rain gutter joints. If you find holes, the best solution is to patch them up with metal flashing or a rain gutter patching kit that can be bought at a home improvement store. If the holes are very small or the joints are leaking, you might need to caulk the joints or apply a sealant. If you find signs of rust, then it means your rain gutters might need to be replaced. Consider switching to aluminum, vinyl, or copper rain gutters, none of which rust.

Tip #5: Check Your Downspouts
Remember to check downspouts as well for rust, leaks, and clogging, and most importantly, make sure that they extend several feet away from your home. If necessary, you can add downspout extenders to make sure that water isn't draining too close to the foundation.

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