Does a Metal Roof Need Rain Gutters?

November 25, 2020

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Metal Roof With Rain Gutters
Rain gutters are a helpful addition to any home. They keep your property safe during intense downpours, ensuring that your roofs don't start collecting rainwater after a storm. Rain gutter professionals usually evaluate a house's layout before starting the rain gutter installation process, taking in the building's foundations and assessing the roofs. Among other things, the materials of your roofs and walls are important factors to consider as you select the type of gutter you want for your home. Metal roofs are fairly common for those who value practicality over visual appeal. If your house has a metal roof, the information below will be useful for you.

A Quick Look into Metal Roofs

There are arguments both in favor and against metal roofs. They are not a popular choice when dealing with traditional homes and classic facades, since they usually create an unflattering contrast with the rest of the structure. Despite this, more people are starting to see the appeal of having a roof that's lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and versatile enough to withstand different renovations. Metal roofs are usually made of galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc, with textured folds and foam around the shingles to mute the noises caused by raindrops on their surface.

Metal Roof With 6 Inch Rain GuttersThese roofs are known for resisting heavy rains without attracting lightning, and most of the metal they're made of can remain intact in the event of hail, hurricanes, and heavy snow. They are also non-combustible, adding an extra layer of defense against wildfires. With proper care, metal roofs can last from 40 to 70 years, but they are not 100% impervious to forming dents when something heavy collides against their surface. It's worth mentioning that metal roofs usually cause a temperature drop within the building, so they might not be the best choice for those who already live in a cool climate.

With different metals being suitable for the job and the chance of adding a coat of color to match the property they're built into, metal roofs have garnered a lot of attention among homeowners in the last few decades. This, however, doesn't change the fact that they're expensive, with prices that sometimes surpass by six times the costs of asphalt roofs.

Can I Install Rain Gutters Around my Metal Roof?

There are instances where gutters must be removed from a home, either because of faults during the installation process or as a result of poor maintenance. This scenario is oddly common when we put rain gutters and metal roofs in the same equation, largely due to the fact that metal roofs follow a particular installation process that doesn't always agree with the mechanisms used to attach rain gutters and downspouts. These are some common problems that affect rain gutters to the point that they have to be removed from a building:

Gutter Installer With Metal Roof and Rain Gutters
  • Gutters collapse due to extreme weather conditions.
  • They get obstructed by debris, mud, or fallen leaves because they don't get proper maintenance.
  • They don't fit the structure correctly, and this makes the water overflow from the roofs straight to the building's foundations.
This doesn't mean that gutters can't work properly with metal roofs, but you must leave the installation process to professionals or the end result might suffer from one of the miscalculations mentioned above. The bottom line is that, with the support of a licensed rain gutter installation service, you can have a perfectly functional rain guttering system installed on your metal roofs. This comes as no surprise when we remember a basic fact: the protection given by a rain guttering system goes beyond the roofs; gutters help preserve your walls and, most importantly, your home's foundations, so there's no reason to discard the option if you want to safeguard the integrity of your property.

Not all metal roofs look the same. As mentioned above, a roof can be made of aluminum, zinc, copper, or steel. Moreover, its panels might be placed in a standing seam fashion or they can adopt the appearance of tiles/slates. All these stylistic choices will determine how well a particular type of gutter will work on your home.

Here are some useful tips that you can run by your rain gutter installer:
  • To keep water from overshooting, the gutters should be installed at a considerable height to stay close to the roof line. You can also add rain guards to avoid clogging the gutters in a way that might eventually cause the water to overflow.

  • When working with metal roofs, the size of the gutter shouldn't be below the 6-inch mark. A 7 inch gutter is recommended if you have a particularly large roof. After all, sizable roofs are bound to have more water running down their surface.

  • Seamless gutters are ideal because they are custom-made to fit your roof's layout and size.

  • Metal roofs work well with metal gutters. Aluminum, galvanized steel, and zinc are all great choices for your home's rain guttering system.
Your rain gutters must never be a hindrance to the accessibility around the rest of your home. The experts at Rain Gutters Solution offer the best installation and repair services to make your gutters as versatile as they can be. To schedule an appointment, call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website. We will be happy to give you the best service.

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