Do My Rain Gutters Need a Repair? Signs that Show Your Rain Gutters Need Some Love

June 01, 2018

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Sagged Gutters Needing a Rain Gutter Repair Service
Unfortunately, rain gutters and downspouts can show signs of neglect if you don't give the proper maintenance, but it is important that you don't ignore them so that you don't regret later. Damages caused by water in your house can be worse than you may think and can make you spend a lot of money. Luckily, our rain gutter repair service can overcome any of the problems that you may be having on your property, thanks to our years of expertise. The following is a short list of signs that show your rain gutters need some love, take a look:

Sign #1: Sagging Rain Gutters

Rain gutters become extremely heavy when they are full of water and when this happens those made with flexible materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and galvanized steel may sag, bend or their hangers may loosen. If this takes place, they stop draining the rainwater properly, letting form water pools alongside their lengths. This issue will surely worsen the problem, making them much heavier and thus, causing even more sagging.

Rain Gutter RepairService On eaky GuttersIf you start noticing that your rain gutters have sagged, you need to check for watermarks along the inner sides of the gutters, or signs of standing water. If your assessment is positive and you find signs of sagged gutters, you must seek professional help. Do not waste time and contact an experienced company that can fix this problem ride away, so, if it's in an early stage of damage, you can prevent that it worsens.

Sign #2: Overflowing Rain Gutters

Do your rain gutters overflow during heavy rains? This is a serious issue that can cause terrible damages to your house' foundations. There are three factors that explain this. Either the downspouts and rain gutters are not large enough to manage the volume of rainwater, the rain gutters and downspout are clogged, or the rain gutters are sagging, and this doesn't allow water to reach the downspout.

It is usual that rain gutters overflow because leaves and debris clog them, creating dams that stop water from flowing to the outlet found above the downspout. As a matter of fact, these clogs usually take place at the outlets. If this is your case, you should find a team of experts that solve the problem for you.

Sign #3: Leaking Rain Gutters

This is a very common issue that our technicians find often in both, residential and commercial properties and the first thing they check is the joints between each gutter section. One of the reasons why rain gutters may get worn is by the effect of natural elements, such as sunlight, rainwater, and high winds; to the point where repairs are required.

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Joints are areas very prone to leaks since standing water can seep through the seams in aluminum rain gutters or rust galvanized steel seams over time. If you don't want this to happen in your home, it's crucial that you often have rain gutter maintenance and this way you avoid a small leak becomes a greater problem.

Sign #4: Flooding in the Garden

Downspouts are an essential part of a drainage system since their function is to carry rainwater that comes from the gutters to a specific spot on the ground, but when they become damaged they tend to deliver water to the wrong place, causing flooding in your garden which can reach your house' foundations. This kind of signs requires your immediate attention because is a serious situation in which the structural stability of your property can be compromised.

Damp Stains or Bubbling Paint on a CeilingWhenever you find out that your drainage system is having this situation, do not hesitate to look for a team of specialists that evaluate the problem and proceed to execute an action plan.

Sign #5: Damp Ceiling

If you observe damp stains, bubbling paint and powdery deposits on your ceiling, can be due to different reasons, but one of them is that your rain gutters are not working properly, and moisture is being absorbed by the roof. Make sure you find out the cause of the dampness before you try to cure it, otherwise you could worsen the problem. This unaesthetic issue also promotes the growth of mold or mildew, which can carry health problems to your family, such as allergies.

Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial proprietor, as soon as you start noticing any of these signs, the best you can do is to look for a reliable rain gutter company instead of trying to fix the problem on your own. Rain Gutters Solution guarantees the best outcome without wasting your time or money. Repairs may look very simple and easy to perform; however, it is advisable that it be done by trained specialists from a recognized company that counts with the appropriate equipment. We recommend you all this for you to avoid further damage, repairs, and other inconveniences. Remember, your home's safety is not something to be taken lightly. Contact us by calling at (305) 270-7779 or by filling out the contact form below to schedule your appointment with us. We are sure to meet all your rain gutter needs!

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