Discover Why Seamless Rain Gutters are Becoming the Go-to Option for Custom Rain Gutters

April 19, 2017

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House roof top with custom rain gutters
Rain gutters aren't usually on most people's minds, which is why when it comes time to choose a rain gutter system, they don't know whether to go with seamless or sectional rain gutters, or all the other types offered in the market. No one wants to spend an excessive amount of time researching the topic and choosing a rain gutter system based on a gut feeling doesn't yield good results. However, there is a way to make the right choice: listen to what the majority of people say.

In the U.S., around 70% of rain gutter installations are seamless rain gutters. That is a really big number of Americans choosing one variety of product over others. If you are curious as to why, then you should know that despite the wide variety of materials and shapes to choose from, when people select gutters they usually face two main options: custom rain gutters or prefabricated gutters.

Prefabricated gutters come in separate pieces of 10 to 20 foot in length, usually made of vinyl, steel or aluminum, and that you can buy at the store for less than most other gutter options. They are meant to be easily installed, which makes them popular. So, if you are on a tight budget and aren't interested in hiring professional contractors for your installation, then this is your best choice.

However, this sectional type of gutter come with a few drawbacks. Leaks are the main issue because of its numerous seams. If not well-maintained, sectional gutters might not accomplish their main purpose of protecting your property from water. They are not as durable and require the most supervision and care than the other gutter options. They must be regularly cleaned and the seams need special attention. Sectional gutters are not very sturdy and can be damaged by reclining ladders, UV rays, and heavy debris. Also, they have a disjointed look that is not very pleasing to the eye.

After considering these disadvantages, you can understand why custom gutters could be a better alternative for most buyers.

Man installing a seamless custom rain gutter Contrary to prefabricated, sectional gutters, custom seamless gutters cannot be bought at the store. They are made on site, using the specific measurements of a building, with the help of a machine that models and cuts sheets of aluminum, steel, or copper to the desired shape and length. This, of course, eliminates the possibility of installing them yourself and is a bit more expensive than sectional gutters (or very expensive, depending on your choice of material and capacity). This means you need to find a reliable and efficient contractor for the installation, compare prices of different contractors, and essentially do all the homework to make an informed decision.

But seamless gutters come with benefits after all the hassles and expenditures. Well-installed seamless gutters don't leak, so you can rest assure that your property will remain dry. They don't need as much maintenance or supervision and can be easily cleaned. They are sturdy and can withstand heavy downpours, debris, and UV rays without withering. They are extremely long lasting; depending on the material, the quality of the installation, and maintenance and care, they can last up to 30 years or more. They can also be a great addition to your exterior decorations and can easily increase the value of your property both for their functionality and appearance.

In the long run, seamless gutters are a far better investment and less of a long-term headache. This explains why so many people prefer to spend a few extra dollars on custom rain gutters.

If you are worried about the rainy season in Miami-Dade and are looking for a reliable contractor to install custom rain gutters, look no further than Rain Gutters Solution. Our 20 plus years of expertise and providing quality rain gutter installation services makes us the ideal choice for all your rain gutter needs.

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