Are Wider Gutters Better?

October 20, 2021

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Wider Gutter on a House
Everyone wants the best for their rain gutters, and this often means getting a guttering system that's equipped with superior water-holding capabilities. Even in dry climates, intense rains can put a strain on a subpar guttering system, so homeowners must make an informed decision when choosing a rain gutter profile. A major question that comes up sooner or later is: are wider gutters better? Seamless rain gutters offer more options and enhance many of the benefits of regular gutters, so they are your best bet to redirect all the rainwater away from your home. Even knowing this, you can't choose lightly when picking the best gutter size.

What Is the Best Gutter Size?

When it comes to standard gutter sizes, 5-inch and 6-inch gutters are the two most common options for residential properties. 7-inch and 8-inch gutters are preferred for larger properties and usually custom-made to ensure optimal water-holding capacities.

Gutters are meant to match a building's layout, but are wider gutters better? On average, your gutters redirect 550 gallons of water in the time it takes for a rainstorm to pass. When you take into account that 6-inch gutters hold twice the amount of water that 5-inch gutters can sustain at a time, it's impossible to deny the perks that a wider gutter brings for your peace of mind.

Wider Gutters on a HouseAnother important detail: most residential roofs have a drainage area of 1,000 square feet. Your gutters must be able to withstand the amount of water landing on this area, so the bigger the better. While some homes might get by with a 5-inch gutter, 6-inch gutters obviously bring more room to carry all this water while keeping a steady flow. If you go for a half-round style in particular, a 6-inch gutter is the best choice and more likely to fit the limitations set by your home's layout.

Let's list all the advantages that come with wider gutters:
  • They hold more water, which is a homeowner's main priority when having gutters installed. Wider gutters are also deeper, so they channel the water more efficiently.

  • If your roof has multiple complex angles or your home's layout isn't as simple, a wider gutter has more chances of keeping up with the rainwater rolling down all sides of your roof.

  • They allow more space for debris to flow seamlessly without getting stuck. A larger guttering system is less likely to get clogged by the accumulation of outside elements. This doesn't mean, however, that you should go lax on your cleaning responsibilities.

  • A home's gutter could be from 20 to over 40 feet long. A larger gutter will be able to sustain all that distance without overflowing or putting too much pressure on your downspouts.

  • A seamless 6-inch gutter is the most practical solution when a roof has a steeper pitch.

Should I Get Wider Gutters?

The information above is important to help you get familiar with the differences that make larger gutters stand out from the rest. Still, you need to have your roof's measurements in order before making your final decision or your gutters won't work properly regardless of their size.

Gutter Machine with 5 inch GutterYou need to define your roof's area and pitch to get the roof-pitch factor. To get a more in-depth description of the measurements involved in the process, check out our blog "What Size of Rain Gutters Do I Need?". You also need to have an estimation of the rain intensity in your area. In Florida, rainstorms usually load an average of 5 inches per hour; when you consider the length and intensity of these storms, a large gutter might make a huge difference in your efforts to prevent structural damage. A custom-made gutter
People who don't want to replace a functional gutter usually install additional downspouts to stop the gutters from overflowing, but this doesn't rule out the possibility of having to make repairs on your current gutters. In all scenarios, however, regular maintenance remains a vital step to prevent incidents that could overflow your guttering system.

Let Rain Gutters Solution Help You Make the Right Choice

If you're undecided, or if you don't know the best material to sustain a large guttering system, Rain Gutters Solution has all the options to make things easier for you. We take care of manufacturing and installing rain gutters in all the preferred styles among Florida homeowners. You can choose between box gutters, k-style gutters, and half-round gutters and we'll adapt their design to the best size according to your home or business.

A gutter's size is as important feature to ensure versatility and durability. Let our specialists guide you through your options as we customize your gutters to ensure the best performance in all weathers. You too can get the best gutters in the South of Florida without stressing over the installation process. Rain Gutters Solution has knowledgeable professionals and the latest equipment to accommodate your preferences depending on the material of your choice. You can go through our website to learn more about all the services we offer when it comes to gutter installation and maintenance. Also, don't hesitate to call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website to schedule an appointment. We are your home's best asset.

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