Are Steel Gutters More Expensive than Aluminum?

November 28, 2022

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Steel Gutters Vs Aluminum Gutters
On top of looking good, metal gutters have multiple benefits that make them durable and reliable. When hiring a professional installation service, you can have your gutter made of a material of your choice, usually from a selection of copper, aluminum, steel, and zinc. Aluminum Gutters are widely popular among businesses and residential areas, suiting any type of budget and blending into all styles of architecture. Steel gutters are not far behind, and they remain a good choice for many commercial establishments. If you're planning on getting new rain gutters, you need to get acquainted with each material and what it has to offer.

Aluminum Gutters vs. Steel Gutters

As two of the most popular materials for rain gutters, aluminum and steel share many key advantages. They're both known for their durability and they have very similar looks, as shown by the end result of a gutter installation job. Both materials are also available in nearly the same colors, and they can be repainted if needed. When it comes to drawbacks, aluminum and steel are vulnerable to thermal expansion, which is why contractors recommend installing expansion joints to the guttering system. Now, let's compare their main differences:

Steel Rain Gutters Vs Aluminum GuttersAluminum gutters combine many practical advantages. They're lightweight, and their flexibility simplifies the installation and maintenance, as well as any potential repairs. One would doubt the durability of such a lightweight material, but this only shows the versatility of aluminum gutters. They can last for years, holding their own against countless seasonal storms. Aluminum gutters can be customized to hold large amounts of water or snow without warping or losing stability. They're also highly resistant to rust, so they can keep a brand-new look even decades after their installation, as long as the owner doesn't neglect yearly cleaning and maintenance.

Steel gutters are slightly more durable than their aluminum counterparts, so they can offer more safety against strong winds, ice, snow, and hail. This resistance to damage is enhanced when it comes to galvanized steel, but the gutters made from this material are also more likely to rust over time. In most cases, galvanized steel gutters are installed with a zinc coating that minimizes the risk of corrosion. Since steel is a heavier material, a contractor's assistance is highly recommended when it comes to gutter installation. The end result tends to have a sturdy, modern look that's appealing to many homeowners.

Which Is the Most Affordable Option?

As expected, the price range changes depending on the location, but aluminum gutters are always slightly less expensive than steel gutters. The costs per linear foot can sometimes be just a couple of dollars apart, but some installation companies might have a wider range when you compare the standard prices. It all depends on who you ask.

Standard aluminum gutters with a gutter run of 140 feet can cost between $820 to $1,400. With steel gutters, it could be harder to get a price that's lower than $1,200, with the cheapest options usually standing at around $960 dollars per 140 feet of gutter. At their most expensive, steel gutters have an estimated price of $1,600.

Since both options are on fairly even footing in terms of pricing, most homeowners can make their choice based on other factors without worrying about how it affects their budget. Keep in mind that many of your preferences could also increase the installation costs. For example, custom gutters will be more expensive than a standard gutter profile. Moreover, some materials involve a more hands-on approach during the installation process. This is particularly relevant if you go for steel gutters since they lack the versatility that aluminum offers during installation.

Making the Best Choice

It can be difficult to pick the best material when you have a particular plan in mind and no frame of reference. If you've owned a rain gutter in the past, years of regular maintenance have given you a head start to identify what you want.

Aluminum Gutters Vs Steel GuttersMost people agree that aluminum is the best option if you want to install your gutters on your own. With that said, a professional contractor can help you more effectively, ensuring a long-lasting result with the material of your choice. Available for both aluminum and steel, a seamless gutter reduces the risks of clogs and makes cleaning more effective. More importantly, the gutter will have all the capacity needed to redirect all the rainwater, even when it's falling at high speed.

If you want the most reliable gutters to stay strong through Florida's unpredictable weather, you can always reach out to the specialists at Rain Gutters Solution. Our gutter installation services are second to none, and we offer all the options you need to make your gutters durable and easy on the eyes. With more than 20 years of combined experience, our specialists know what goes into a guttering system that can stand the test of time; we're always ready to adapt our knowledge and resources to give you what you need for your home or business.

Rain Gutters Solution builds high-quality gutters using the most durable materials to ensure the most durable structure for your property. We offer various gutter profiles and the latest equipment to save you all the hassle of a DIY installation. Don't be afraid to come to us if you have questions about our availability and prices. Our specialists will be glad to assist you with anything you need, so feel free to call (305) 270-7779 or fill out our website's contact form to schedule an appointment. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox. Get the best rain gutters to complete your dream home!

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