Are Seamless Gutters Worth It?

January 14, 2021

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Two-Story House with Seamless Rain Gutters
Rain gutters come in all shapes and sizes. The variety of options available when it comes to design, girth, and materials are some of the reasons why rain gutters can adapt so perfectly to the structure of any home. The rain gutter installation process chances depending on the type of gutter you want for your property, with two main installation formats to choose from: regular and seamless. Originally relegated to modern buildings, seamless gutters have slowly but surely made their way into all kinds of structures, including traditional and classic architecture homes. Are Seamless Gutters Worth It? And if so, what makes them so special?

What's a Seamless Gutter?

Seamless gutters are known for working without cuts dividing their structure. They are not sectioned, so they minimize the risks of leaks and help the water flow more effectively towards the downspouts. The lack of seams also reduces the chances of having leaves, branches, or debris getting stuck within the gutter. Fewer instances of clogging lead to more effective maintenance and better protection against damage on the guttering system.

House with Black Seamless Rain Gutters System

What Are the Differences Between Regular and Seamless Gutters?

Regular gutters have been around for longer, so they are still the go-to choice in many residential areas. They are also known as sectional gutters and this will already fill you in on their main feature: They are built in separate sections. After having all the parts of the guttering system, the sections are assembled and mounted on the roof's edge. This structural distinction is also the main difference between regular gutters and seamless gutters:
  • A traditional gutter comes together after different pre-cut sections are sealed into one another.
  • A seamless gutter is a single unit running along the side of the building, soldered only on the corners and the downspout.
Other differences touch on additional details in the installation process, and they show the perks and downsides of both installation methods:
  • Availability: There are metals that can only be worked into sections, so some rain guttering services can only build seamless gutters in specific materials. When it comes to styles and designs, both types of gutters allow the most popular options (k-style, half-round, box gutters), but the overall effectiveness will be determined by the material and the structure they're built into.

  • Customization: Seamless gutters are miles ahead when it comes to customizing options. Many large buildings require a unique approach to sustain the amount of rain water landing on their roofs, so installers use their equipment to manufacture custom-made gutters with no joints dividing the guttering system.

  • Longevity: Regular gutters might be more durable when using materials like copper, but are ultimately more susceptible to damage down the line. Seams are joints are usually the first to sustain damage after years of toll. By removing this problem, seamless gutters are usually able to last for many decades without cracks and bends affecting their structure.

  • Aesthetics: Seamless gutters have a sleeker, cleaner look that blends more effectively with their surroundings. With the right materials, however, regular gutters might achieve an equally flattering appearance after being installed and painted.

  • Costs: Seamless gutters demand a lot of precision upon installation, so they tend to be more expensive than regular gutters. The fact that seamless gutters can't be installed through a DIY approach will also make them pricier by default.
Gutter Machine Making Seamless Rain Gutters

Why Should I Install Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters improve on many of the drawbacks that render regular gutters unsuitable for certain constructions. Their structure also makes them stronger overall, so they are more resistant to excess rainwater and allow more time before maintenance becomes a necessity. A seamless system redirects the water more efficiently, making up for years of repairs on your roof and foundations.

If you have a garden or there are trees / shrubbery near your home, the cost of a seamless guttering system could be especially useful, since there are more chances of debris landing into your gutters. And if you have a large property, a seamless gutter can be customized to adjust perfectly under your fascia without altering the layout of your home.

It's true that the installation of a seamless guttering system might take more time and money, but it will save you lots of headaches on maintenance. For instance, checking the state of your guttering system after a rainstorm is always a must, but the whole process takes little time when you have a seamless guttering system because there are no connection points prompting clogs within the gutter.

Also, by having a professional contractor handling the installation process, you can forget all your worries over measurements; you'll know that your rain gutters will work as they should when you have an expert taking care of them. When choosing the right installation company for the job, it's always good to check the company's references, both online and within your community.

Whether you have a house or a business, rain gutters are a useful asset and a valuable investment. Contact Rain Gutters Solution to protect your property with the best rain guttering systems in Miami. You can call (305) 270-7779 today or fill out the contact form on this website to schedule an appointment with our team. We are ready to give you the best services!

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